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If that fails, I do have the restore disks to reload Dell systems and could mail one. The disks restore the original OEM OS and work only onb Dell systems. You'd need to backup and restore data and reinstall drivers and applications.

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Try a System Restore from a restore point, if you have those available.

How To Use System Restore in Windows 7

Navigate to the Start -> All Programs -> Accessories -> System Tools program group.

Click on the System Restore program icon.

Click Next > on the Restore system files and settings window.

Choose the restore point that you want to use.

Note: Check the Show more restore points checkbox to see more than the most recent restore points.

Note: Any restore points that you created, scheduled restore points that Windows 7 created, and those created automatically during the installation of certain programs will be listed here. You can not use System Restore to undo Windows 7 changes to a date that a restore point does not exist.

Click Next >.

Click Finish on the Confirm your restore point window to begin the System Restore.

Note: Windows 7 will shut down to complete the System Restore so be sure to save any work you might have open in other programs before continuing.

Important: System Restore will not revert any of your non-system files like documents, email, music, etc. to a previous state. These types files are completely unaffected by System Restore. If your intention with this tool was to recover a deleted non-system file, try using a file recovery program instead of System Restore.

Click Yes to the Once started, System Restore cannot be interrupted. Do you want to continue? dialog box.

System Restore will now restore Windows 7 to the state that was recorded in the restore point you chose in Step 4.

Note: The System Restore process could take several minutes as you see the "Please wait while your Windows files and settings are being restored" message. Your computer will then reboot as normal when complete.

Immediately after logging in to Windows 7 after the reboot, you should see a message that System Restore completed successfully.

Click Close.

Check to see if whatever Windows 7 problem you were troubleshooting has been corrected by this System Restore.

If the problem still persists, you can repeat the steps above and choose another restore point if one is available.

If this restoration caused a problem, you can always undo this particular System Restore.

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Despite the progressive path and scandals, we have much to be thankful for. Among those things are the company of like minded souls that Navy has created.

I pray for the safety of the republic and those we care about.

Never forget the duplicity and malicious tenacity of those that would harm our republic and always be vigilant.

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It never changes.

After the new sycophants are sworn in, there will be just enough progs voting for it to provide cover for their elections. Yet not enough to pass it out of filibuster. Those who voted yes this time and no the next can always say they voted for it before they voted against it...

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Hopefully, you have a safe flight. They tend to good at clearing the runways.

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Let's say the data is much more skewed than that. It's not just a case of proportionality to enlistment rates. There are localized minima on the functions and the casualty rates approach zero in certain areas.

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Not alone...

To see a better picture look a military casualties by state.

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But it can't come to the US or spread, The administration told us so.


Look for the panic to begin there soon if cconfirmed, It looks like it's more transmissible than the CDC told us.

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Only in the mind of our feckless leadership.

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Five new Ebola patients become infected every hour in Sierra Leone

That seems low, but it's just a point on the curve. I'd suspect that the rate of infection is nowhere near any inflection points, even assuming no mutations in the virii to change vectors or transmission rates. Given the primitive natures of some of the outlying areas, the rate is also much higher than reported.

This is awful.