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Here's a not-so-novel concept, imaginary Juan Noltez: instead of knowingly breaking immigration laws to get your family out of poverty in Latin America, how about standing up to the tyranny in your home country and make that a better place to live? Seem to recall folks like Adams, Washington, Jefferson, et al doing something like that 240-ish years ago, and that's an even truer sign of character.

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Absolutely true. Granted, we've only had one show since then, but I've grown weary of having to side-step political landmines when my true love is music, even when I barely know the bands I'm helping promote, in this case Saxon: http://www.screencast.com/t/Y4HpUm6uemrD . More shows in the near-future to feature more musicians and bands with no political baggage.

Also tiring of being a cultural warrior when I truly miss the days of agreeing to disagree instead of having vitriol spewed from all sides. "United We Should Stand," not just a bumper sticker on my car next to "Drive-By Truckers" and "New West Records" ones.

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Won't deny a balance isn't necessary. Nothing against country (well, classic and outlaw country, not that pop crap coming out of Trashville these days), but definitely beyond awesome seeing patriotism on full display from the likes of Army You Have, Stuck Mojo and Drowning Pool's "Soldiers."

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Stuck Mojo wears their pro-America tendencies very nicely (and loudly in the shredding department), but blessedly don't let their ideology be their only calling card. Don't get me wrong, I love the Army You Have and their songs are simultaneously entertaining and educational (plus I can't thank Gary Eaton for working with me on my parody of "Keep Your Hands to Yourself" -- http://www.popmodal.com/video/4870), but at what point does our side become vulnerable to the same "Shut up and sing" criticisms we toss at the left?

@fiftieschild -- My band, right-leaning but not exclusively political, plays "I Won't Back Down" as much as possible (and some other Petty, too), and don't care one bit what Capt. Weed thinks about it.

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That's not very nice, nor do I agree. Still, you may want to check out the Radio Free Threedonia podcasts over at Threedonia.com, where the funsanity's contagious.

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I'd feel sorry for the President if he wasn't so arrogant. Not playing "gotcha!" either. It's just sad.

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Sesame Street, Schmesame Street (which I hate having to say after it played a decent role in my early development, along with amazing parents who didn't feed my brothers and I too much TV). Gimme Knee-High Park every day of the week and one-two-three times on Sunday -- ah, ah, ah!!!!

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Useless and useful idiot this here President.

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Lynda Carter certainly a whoa-man!!! of the highest visual order, but with Friday Night Lights no longer on the air (RIP), I'll take my Adrianne Palicki any way I can.

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Been easy for me on this "remake" from day one, whether the villains were Chinese, Russians, Cubans, North Koreans or Canadians (indulge me): no Swayze, no Red Dawn.