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As a native Alabamian, and a personal friend of Spann, then I loooove this! Of course there were warnings, I am living in Ga now, and not in that viewing area, and I still knew about it.

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A regular Kim Jong Illinois, huh?

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JGWI wasn't a good movie, but it did very well at the BO, like most of Sandler's films. 215 million, and 17 million DVD. Jack and Jill was much worse, and is basically breaking even at this point, but will probably pull in more from overseas and DVD. IOW, Sandler is going to keep making these kinds of movies, as long as they are pulling in bucks.

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Showgirls is awesome. The camp leaps through the screen. It has a cult following, and thoroughly deserves it.

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I'm not sure if I'd classify the show as "Anti-American." We don't know what the endgame is, we don't know who is lying to whom, so there's a good chance that Saul is still a mole, and we are unclear of many of the motives of the others. I think the idea is to show there's murkiness in all government operations in wartime. And, like it or not, Abu Grahib was a great marketing tool. You are right, they seem to imply that Brody will be taking the Weiner character's seat, but also that the VP is supposedly an amalgamation of Cheney and Rumsfeld. I'm not giving up on it, yet, I want to see where it's leading.

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The strange part, Cyrus works her butt off, is involved in 24 charities, and other than the dumb video last month, she basically is one of the most conscientious of the young stars. Supposedly, she is extremely professional and always prepared and on-time. At just turned 19, she needs to be cut some slack.

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Hey, is that your attempt to use that high-falutin' sarcasm stuff I've heard so much about on the internets?

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It's up there, but there's stiff competition.

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Maybe he just needs a decent script and someone who knows how to utilize his talents. Tarantino did it once, hopefully, he'll do it again. If a few bad scripts dimmed all Oscar buzzes, then how would DiCaprio and others still be getting roles? I am crossing my fingers for Django, Tarantino led me places I did and didn't love in IB, so I hope this isn't one of those trips.

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Why, it's like you're implying he sounds like a shallow actor that cannot form an independent thought without the hive mind mentality of his fellow camera whores! Surely that can't be true, everyone knows that writers get their inspiration from the actors who are willing to share their fascinating and deeply intellectual stories with them, allowing them to imagine characters that are the envy of all the hoi polloi.