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Re-written dialogue from "Hogan's Heroes" and twisting last names. Highbrow enterprise reporting I see here.

Not mentioned in any of the "reporting" of this site (and I use that word loosely since no one here actually reports a damn thing) is that Kyle Smith of the New York Post ripped "The Undefeated," and has since suffered blowback from the movies producers. That to me seems more dangerous red-on-red than anything Friedersdorf has written, but I doubt that will be acknowledged here. Honest criticism seems to be a dead thing for many on the right, especially here at "Big" Hollywood.

I see you make no mention of Friedersdorf's reaction to Larry O'Connor and Dan Riehl making mention of him as lecherous or any of Breitbart's ridiculous and conspiratorial Tweets on the subject.

You want to hammer the left - fine. But don't do the same behavior times 10.

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God awful, even for someone who thought Hitchcock was overrated.

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There are a couple problems the Gatti trilogy presents. First of all, I don't think capturing the trilogy on film is possible. I started following Gatti in the mid 1990s, Ward a bit later - to know those two guys through their careers, then see them thrown together in the ring ,was like having the Death Star arrive at D-Day while Stallone knocks out the Russian -- and somehow the fights still exceeded all expectations. I don't know if anyone can capture it in a fictional film what those fights meant, and ending "The Fighter" by reducing "The Trilogy" (as it should forever be known) to just Rocky or Karate Kid-esque fodder for the end of another underdog sports movie doesn't seem right.

Maybe if "The Fighter" focused on the trilogy or both Gatti and Ward, it might be possible. As a standalone film on Mickey Ward, I just don't think it can be done justice.

And I've done judo, trained with MMA fighters and have befriended a few over the years. I love the sport and the guys - but boxing will always be the sport of kings. Boxing, to this day, is sports as epic.

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Imagine doing a joke about Pelosi "swinging over the drain" and attacking kids after the election.

13 years ago @ Big Hollywood - Would Sam Kinison Have... · 0 replies · +3 points NSFW. Dude's girlfriend was banging his boss.

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There are too many spy shows on television. "Burn Notice" which is opening its new season tonight, then "Covert Affairs" on NBC's Viacom sibling USA Network, not to mention "Chuck," and that's off the top of my head. And the married-spy deal has been beaten to death with "True Lies" and " Mr. and Mrs. Smith." I watched nearly every preview for "Undercovers" and nary a hint of tension or originality anywhere to be had.

This screams of the token "race column," where someone digging for some type of fresh take or idea goes the comfortable route. It's a habit among many sports columnists, and you see it in political and entertainment journalism as well.

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Speaking of sanctimony.

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In the words of "Stripes" - "Lighten up, Francis."

"Secretariat" has a 64 at Rotten Tomatoes, a high score for a Disney real-world flick, and has good reviews from the three "top critics" on the first page of reviews. I hadn't paid much attention to the movie (I figured it to be a poor man's "Seabiscuit," a movie I loved), but thanks to Salon piquing my attention, I'm off to the theater this weekend.

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Again, I remember when artists used to make waves with their music - not their catch-phrases, pseudo-cult Facebook-addicted mobs or their meat bras, even though that part is almost kind of cool.

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Clearly, John Madden should be lynched, and the people at EA Sports should be forced to only play their game as the Browns.