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WHAT - put the students first!!! That can never happen!!! She must protect the failing public school system at all cost which also translates into protecting her hold on power...

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Sorry, Im not one of the 3 people who get Current TV in Virginia. No Comment!!!

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Planned Parenthood as done more to decimate the African-American community through abortion than Hitler ever did against the Jews with the ovens.

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For consistency sake, lets not release the results of the vote either.

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BOB will use any statistical tool at his disposal to get the unemployment rate down to zero by the election. Even if he has to say the country only has 10 jobs and they are all filled. Everyone else will be classified as "not looking." What a freakin system of lies...

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Quality over Quantity!!! I don't give a darn the number, it's what is being passed that matters. Too bad they are failing on both accounts...

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Corrupt politicians should be held up as examples for all to see... Penalties should be severe and rigidly applied and enforced. Violation of the public trust should be a punishable offense beyond simply “voting the person out” at some future election. We need to remove these criminals from access to public funds as soon as the crime is uncovered. If only Democrats felt compelled could do the same to the politicians on their side of the ledger. All corruption gone - even the corruption that benefits me!!!

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The biggest fear of Liberal Democrats is an honest election. They have done more to damage the integrity of the electorate than any group in history. I'm about ready to demand the "purple ink" be ought out before all is lost and voting becomes a meaningless adventure.

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What a waste of electrons all around!!!

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Four more years of BOB will complete the transition of America into a third-world banana republic... I still remember when we led the world in any area we put our mind to... Happy or sad days ahead - you decide!!!