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11 years ago @ Commentary Magazine - Obama‚Äôs Second Term ... · 0 replies · +6 points

What more can we expect from the queen of denial and the liar extraordinaire? Not much...

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Work at Microsoft so no, a no email day is not an option. Anywhere in the tech industry, it's not an option. Would be nice but no can do....

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FINALLY! Some backbone! We should ALL be sending letters and emails of encouragement to the schools! We Christians need to stand united now more than ever. The persecutions spoke about in Revelations is coming to pass. Wars, rumors of wars, persecution and Obama paving the way for the Anti-Christ.

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This wouldn't surprise me one bit although I do have my reservations that they would be that smart as to create something like this just to have another reason to protest, kill and destroy. It really doesn't take much for them to go off the handle these days anyways.

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Well, we haven't seen apologies to the lies you told to the American people, why would you apologize to one guy? You surely don't roll that way with your Chitown politics...

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Yeah but Cantwell already HAS a failed record. Your point is? At least these candidates have clean slates. You're fighting a losing battle, you might as well give up since the REST of the state is tired of the Democratic VOODOO Bookkeeping.

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Wow, who'd have thought with all the rants he goes on... Him, Sheila Jackson Lee, and Rep Fredrickson, all three of them I think are insane...

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NO APPEAL. Drop the hammer, kill this sick SOB already. I'm tired of paying to keep this sorry basturd alive.

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What is wrong with people that they feel the need to control another's life so much that they kill them? KILLING YOURSELF AND YOUR FAMILY SOLVES NOTHING!

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And you're just a dimwit. Why don't you go around to different states and actually READ some of the asinine laws they have in place. Toolsheds like you give up your liberties one at a time without thought to what you're voting for.