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Mark that was an excellent post. The dumbing down has been planned and executed by progressives bent on transforming our nation. They knew the only way to do this is thru the education process via indoctrination. There is a video about this called Agenda: Grinding America Down. It is free on Youtube and runs about 2 hours. It lays out their plan and the efforts to implement it clearly and will make your hair stand on end when you watch it. When you do watch it everything will fall into place and the agenda will materialize like a swift kick in the gut. This has been going on since before W. Wilson. It will make you sick and infuriate you if you care about our children and the direction our government has taken. You will be compelled to pass it on to everyone that you think will watch it and cares about our great nation.

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Agenda: Grinding America Down, the most revealing movie you will see. Look for it on youtube it's about 2 hours long and worth the time.

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Just before this cabin went up in smoke they were playing audio from the police at the scene and I heard them say they were using C.S. gas. They were pumping C.S. gas into the cabin.
They were using the same thing at Waco just before it went up in flames.

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We are in a fight for our country, for our way of life, for life itself. I am proud to say he was my hero. Something that few can claim. I know there are many who will try, but none can take his place. I pray for his family, God protect them and comfort them. Kids your dad is watching out for you. You should be proud of having him as a dad. Do not forget that he gave everything he had in his effort to ensure you grew up in the greatest country in the world. That you had the freedom and oppotunity that he had. That you could prosper and experience the joy of freedom. Take care of your mother in these trying times. Beside every great man is an equally great woman who is worthy of the same respect and admiration as your dad. He will be missed but never forgotten.

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My brother woke me up that morning with a frantic phone call. I said this can't be true. I turned on the TV and sat dumbfounded as the tributes to this great man rolled. This can not be. I felt the heartache that those in the studio on Fox felt. I still find it hard to accept. Every article, every commentary, every tribute is like a lightning bolt striking. It was strange how quickly it was reported as natural. There was nothing natural about it. How could this guy be gone there is too much to do.

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Thank you Navy Gentleman for this new site. I think it was Petro that slipped the link into a comment over on the new BB site and I would like to thank him. When I first visited the site I believe it was ChiTownTom that welcomed me with open arms. I could be wrong, but I'm glad I found ya'll and look forward to future conversations with you fine patriots and proud Americans. If I've offended anyone on the disqus format I appologize. I would like to share what I felt when I heard AB had passed. Hopefully it conveys the impact it had on me. I believe this tribute thread would be the place to let it out. Better late than never. It is a little long so I will have to split it up.

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This is most definately going to be forwarded. President Sport is going to be afraid of his shadow by November.

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You aren't holding your breath are you?

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Thank you sir, I'm surfing as fast as I can, trying to catch-up and get a feel for the new digs.

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I feel a lot more like I do now than I did when I got here. - SFC David M Hickey RIP Bro.

Failure is the condiment that gives success it's flavor. - Truman Capote

We can evade reality, but we can not evade the consequences of evading reality. - Ayn Rand

Glad I found you guys. The Big sites just aren't the same anymore.