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Wow, thanks MAOW! Those 3 are all stunning! But Number ONE is off the charts! If Dylan and DIY Team decide to incorporate real wood (cedar?), the grey paint selection for trim outside PLUS STONE, I'll FAINT for JOY!!! B) <3 <3 <3 Kitty

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As always, Dylan, You Meet and Exceed Expectations! I'm Sooooooo Glad that DIY found the Talented and Versatile Golden Nugget in Mathews, Virginia, and wowzers ~~ he even had won awards in Passive Solar Design, if I recall Correctly. What has Dylan NOT Done?! GOLDEN, for sure! So Proud for you and DIY! Great Match! Glad too that this home is getting your complete re-design & you're incorporating some Passive Solar features! Loved your interesting updates! two further items/questions below, please:

1.) the bathroom door entry on lowest level, mostly used by Bunkroom and Guestroom seems a bit awkward for entry to those rooms, if this House becomes a longer term home and those are necessary bedrooms/not temporary. Could the entry door be exchanged to between sink and where toilet is, reversing seating position for toilet, but allowing for easier entry/exit for the bedroom users?

2.) could the re please be another bedroom addition, Puleeeeeese??? :) I do see useful space for it. ;)

MANY, MANY Thank yous' my Virginia Compatriot! You're the Best! <3 Kitty

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I agree with Canada's new regulation~~and with YankeeNuke and Eugenia and appreciate cgn1plu7 too! <3 When we moved 10 years ago to our present home, Hubby & I were caring for my mom, so we knew we needed to build accessibility features for her: ramp outside, Elevette to 2nd floor, small, full kitchen, her private bath, a living/sitting room w/ library entertainment Ctr. Wall. She died 4 years ago but loved her 6 years there, feeling like a queen. I put in features to accommodate her total deafness,wide walkways, EMT-Call cords and emergency push buttons, flashing sensors for Fire (red) & (blue) for Tornado, since she would not hear an alarm~~~that type of thing, and more. I had no idea that so very soon after loosing my Mama, I might begin needing some physical accommodation. Personally, I believe that a steam shower would be awesome in the master shower and in such a case, a glass door wide and also flush with the floor would be soothing to arthritics, back or sciatic damage, and those who suffer physically painful maladies, so I have mentioned this to Dylan. In such case a door would be needed. BUT, otherwise, I like the open plan, could do a variation of that too. My Master Bath is split His & Hers, I have the Spa tub (don't use) Hubby has big walk-in Shower with Rain, and multiple shower heads~~NO DOOR~~but an "L" shaped Glass Block wall which keeps water in, easier to clean, allows light in, and can be installed with roll-in and space for assistance/helper. I know, because, I am finding my own diseased issues are increasing in forms of paralysis, and falls; so at times I need more help than others, and I'm only 63. So thinking ahead is not such a bad thing; one never knows. May God help all of you, that you wont have to face it, but I know what my Friend Frank deals with, and with me, it can become a daily surprise. Good luck to all of you!!! Kitty <3 :)

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As always, thank you, Sally! xD<3 Kitty

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Oh, Clive, I just loved that house overall~~but what happened to the basement indoor stairs, and the downstairs powder room were SO off the charts.... Then, the Winner, Mrs. Turner, bless her heart, didn't have such a dynamo real estate marketer. My Hubby Gary and I went by there a few times when we were in Maine for our Summers and we followed the advertising, which was not describing the house's features in it's best manner.... It just made me so sad! BUY, the good news is, our HILARIOUS BLOG from THAT YEAR, where we wrote continuous stories is still there! :p B) ;) Some of us nearly popped our tummies from laughing so hard. At least 3 Bloggie co-written stories! ;) Kitty

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Dear YNC King, USNR(Ret), Thank You, Thank You, Thank You! I live in USNavy Country, Chesapeake, VA, and cant say enough about the dedication and courage of our Navy and ALL our Military. My Hubby was in the Navy, our Son is in the Army, somewhere, and we can go all the way back to the American Revolution in this Great Land! I have lived, was in fact born overseas of missionary parent; and, we faced communist - leaning government attempting control of Brasil in 1960, But the Military Consensus was a coup was necessary to avert communism. We Americans were caught in the middle, and could have been arrested by the communist. side, quartered 2 blocks up from us. Some Americans have no idea what they truly have here in the States. We sure don't live in a perfect world, and now, we are at risk, everywhere, because of a sect that is brain washed against our lifestyle, we~~however have the BEST Nation to live in and I thank God I live and breathe here. It could have been Siberia for my family of Faith, instead. My Eternal Gratitude to Our Military! Good Luck DAKMBA! <3 Kitty

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Lindingo, Hi! You're right on, as is Eugenia! Catherine, and everybody, hang tight. I didn't blog last year, but I have been around for a few years back. I saw and recall well how the uber-talented Project Manager and Architectural Designer, Dylan came on board, ha ving been discovered in Susan, Virginia Blog Cabin; then, brought on due to an uncomfortable PR situation by an outside local that was involved with Waldoboro, Maine, Blog Cabin, through no fault of DIY. Dylan has some very excellent specialties, just Google him! Here's the thing: You ladies have the right point, regardless, we have to be patient. OK. So I recall us bloggies filling in our blank, boring time with some fun. In North Carolina, we relived the pirates, threa_ tened to dig up the gorgeous gardens after scouring them with our metal detectors; practiced grog-making or drinking...in Maine, we had Mary, before our lovely Virginia. Mary seemed to be absent, so we got the idea she had been taken by big squirrels! Well, a Bloggie who lived up the street had reported some were living in her attic! The mind gets rather wild as time wanders by. Our written stories, just got added to and added to... Folks, these got so funny, some of us were busting our sides laughing. I don't know if DIY has kept those old Blogs. They were online for at least a couple years...Hilarious. So, what I'm saying, we can make some fun, trying to relate a bit to something within the project, somehow, but just remember: Hope springs Eternal! I believe Dylan and Team will pull something off, and, if you're like me, you will lie awake towards the end and redecorate every HGTV and DIY Award Home in your head, over and over, where you want or need, and will just be so happy to win~~then make it your own! Think on that!!! :D <3 <3 <3 Kitty

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That's the spirit, Coop! I like metal in places, but not on bedside lampshades~~they get too hot~~ouch! :( I like the open glass shower and flat surface entry, for wheel-in/accessible floor~~but I definitely am for the glass, if Dylan & Team will go for the STEAM SHOWER that I have suggested. I can think of how awesome it would be, after skiing or playing otherwise in the snow--I love to Ice skate--wouldn't getting into the healing, enveloping heat of a steam shower be delicious? :D Enjoy the new votes Everyone! Bring on the storage!!! <3 Kitty

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Dearest Home_girl, Thank you for writing so sweetly! I am so very sad to hear about your Sister's loss! How very difficult it is to lose someone you love and is so close! My heart goes out to you and family. I highly recommend grandchildren! They can be so special and loving. I think the lessonI've tried hardest to exemplify to mine is unconditional love. This doesn't mean that I don't talk with them about choices they make which aren't good ones. I try to get them to think about consequences, then tell them how I love them, and I'm here for them, no matter what. You shall LOVE being a Grandmom! I have missed you too! Found out I have lots of ancestors lived in Dresden! We need to catch up! <3 :D Love, Kitty

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Now, Vicki, I can see you and your big crew in there! liver must be a big little boy by now! :D You're lucky that if you win and need to change or add anything on all that acreage~~like a family compound``you have the builders to do it!!! <3 My family, for the most part is well. Have a housefull living with me, Grandson's family are great help. Greatgrandaughter, Ruthie, 3.5, is loads of fun and loving personality. My eldest daughter just isn't well. And I'm keeping my chin up~~"old grey mare ain't what she used to be!" Good luck to you and enter daily! <3 Kitty