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WOW! Don't know if I've ever been first before! Anyway, thanks for the Q&A. Although I didn't voice any questions, I did have some but they had already been voiced by other fine bloggers and it is very interesting and informative. I also want to thank you for a job very well done. This is definately one fine vacation spot. I can't wait to see the reveal.B)

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Good morning everyone. As we peruse the aspects of this wonderful cabin, lets send our strength, our thoughts and prayers to the people of Moore, OK. Also, be sure to give your children and loved ones an extra hug.

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Lookin' good......yep, sure is.....lookin' good.^_^

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Thanks, Mary. A really, really informative video. Since we could pretty much pick out where the additions were, it is really nice to see in what order they were added as the family grew.

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Hi, Ethel, and welcome to the blog. Maybe this will help. When you posted your comment, it was the last comment posted at that particular time. Since this is on page 2, there are only 2 pages of comments. There were no pages after page 2. If you want to read the replies to a specific comment click where it says the # of replies. Sometimes you have to click it twice for the replies to appear. Make sure the arrow is pointing down. I hope this helps.

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I can't seem to find it now, but whoever was talking about hammocks, NC is famous for their hammocks.
Hatteras Hammocks: http://hatterashammocks.com/
Outer Banks Hammocks: http://www.obxhammocks.com/store/aboutus.html
Nags Head Hammocks: http://www.nagsheadhammocks.com/

OK, I'm done for the evening. 4 AM comes mighty early.

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I figured as much. Thanks for the info, PeterNC. Crime always seems to be lower in rural areas, not because the population is lower, but I think the residents of the smaller rural communities are a closer knit group watching out for each other, and there is a higher moral code among all. I grew up in a small town, and I was even afraid to skip school because I knew someone would see me and tell my parents! I don't think I could ever live in a city. That's why I live in the middle of 5 acres.

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That was hurricane Irene. Yeah, I won't forget that. I stayed at the Holiday Inn Express in Richmond.......on the 8th foor......no power.....and all the stairwells led to the outside! I hope I don't have to go through THAT again! Not the storm..... but that stupid hotel!!!!o.0:p=/xD

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The new neighbors are my least concern. I'm sure they are wonderful people. It's the ones that are stealing it out of vacant houses, as well as the copper tubing out of outside AC units. A mailbox by the road at the end of a fairly long driveway would be very tempting.

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Hi, Jen. The picture they have for the rustic shower is the one at the Mathews BC. Does that change your mind now? Besides, no matter which shower they build, I'm sure they have taken wind into consideration and the corner posts will be in concrete or at least secured to concrete.