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The kitchen is my favorite room in any house....full of good smells, family memories of holidays, and yummy food and snacks.

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Holy Cow!!!! Clue number one, I'm so excited! Yippee Yahoo! And away we go!

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Utah please!

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Whoppeeeee, almost spilled my cup of coffee when I saw that the tour had begun, my favorite part of every Dream Home adventure!

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I love it when the HGTV Dream Home carpenters build a canine version of the house for our four legged companions, but my ol' pooch prefers the comfort of the master bed!

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I'm delighted to see Coop as our blog contributor! The very first Dream Home that I followed was the one in New Mexico and it's still my favorite due to style and location. I think every Dream Home should have a guest cottage.

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I'm so excited, finally out West. And please please please upgrade the workshop building into a STUDIO, this Blog Cabin with a STUDIO would be a dream come true.

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I'm all for napping when the mood strikes and this beautiful lakeside home has lots of cozy little nap spots.

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That's one of the things I like best about this house, is the multiple useage rooms! The formal dining room as an office close to the front door is my idea of perfection and or I'd turn it into a small studio space or library!

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I'd like my high tech kitchen to come with a personal chef!