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I believe we need to investigate all the greenies out there. I believe they blew up the oil platform ion the Gulf...Why?? Because they are CRAZY!! Yep constant investigations from the FBI and CIA...let them know even gree terrorism is not tolerated...OH crap...I just remembered...they are in charge. Forget what I said, please plant a windmill in my front yard....

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I took a poll at my house this morning,,,,his approval rating hasnt changed. Its still 0.00%...I don't think he will fare any better if he really does start walking on water...

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He's done enough wee weeing on my leg and tellling me its rain. He is a first class liar with blind followers that are willing to do anything to promote pure communism.

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"Shut up and pay for my private jet"...Nancy Pelosi

"Bend over and take one in the shorts to and pay for someone elses healthcare"...Barack Obama

"I took care of Kim Jung Ill for Hillary"...Bill C.

"I think I will protest and MARCH ON WASHINGTON September 12th"...The American Patriot

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Go vote on the Presidents 1st 200 days....He isn't doing so well hehehe

Vote here......

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They must have promised Bill a roll in the hay with a North Korean Intern...He just couldnt resist.

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As Democratic lawmakers evaluate options to provide government-run health insurance, Rep. Charles Rangel, D-N.Y., the chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee, said tax cuts will only hit the wealthiest business owners.

So Mr. Rangel...You think those business owners will take it in the shorts? Hell no they won't. They will pass on that tax or they will fire workers to make up for it. Soak the rich, you soak the middle class and the poor too. Idiot libs do not understand simple math. Charlie, you make me want to puke!

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Take Glenn Beck.Mike Church, Andrew Wilkow, Sean Hannity, Rush and Mark Levin and a few others off the air and you silence the right....

But the trouble is then that the Patriots will revolt with passion and explosiveness like they have never seen.

As Dirty Harry would say...Go ahead make my day...

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I hope they track me! I have a file that says @$^% you Obama in big letters...Please lay it on his desk for me!!!

While you are at it kiss my a@@!!!

Track me down...you might find that you are the HUNTED!

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If they wan to go extreme left I want to go exterme right. As soon as we regain our moral compass by allowing the purging to happen we will regain the Nation.

I know that this will never happen Marine. But who says we can't take a hard a@@ stance like they are doing? They wrap their BS in compassion and call it good. But just tell me how killing a baby in the womb is good? How is it good to keep a drug addict alive if he is so dumb to do that to his body and how is it good to keep an evil gangbanger alive after he was in a knife or gun battle?

How is it good to allow an elitist to have something the common man he represents can never have? And if we dont allow illegals here they will go home and fix their own country....