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He is to focused on political popularity...I hope it doesn't lead a a reality check at the expense of Amerian lives.

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The “moral high ground” is to keep Americans safe. Water boarding was a humane intense interrogation tactic and was completely reasonable to do during war time. It was strategically administered to certain individuals after other options were exhausted. These were hardcore mass murderers who thrive on terror and bloodshed of American people. When those men became terrorists they forfeited their unalienable rights. Yet what other country in the world would have used a non lethal, non physically damaging tactic with a stand by physician during the process? Based on the circumstances America has taken the moral high ground. God Bless Her

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You are absolutely right Gregory. They want an additional freedom, a special right. But society has no obligation to grant that. Where would it end?

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When I hear someone use the term “equal rights” in this debate it seems misleading to me. I agree that all Americans should have equal rights too. But equal rights under the law of marriage already does exist.

Example: A heterosexual man cannot marry another man either, the law is equally applied. Someone may object and say, “but a homosexual male doesn’t want to marry a woman.” That is correct, but what they “want” is an entirely different issue. What they “want” has nothing to do with the marriage rights being unequal. But, I think, the issues isn’t about equal rights, it’s about approval.

Secondly, people are misguiding the issue by falsely equating homosexual liberty with racial equality. This is not an accurate parallel to make. There is no good evidence that homosexuality is found in the human genes. Homosexuality is a behavior in one’s life. It is not some kind of innate characteristic like race or gender.

It is correct to say marriage laws do apply equally to all Americans. There is nothing unconstitutional about marriage.

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Concerning the issue of gun control, would it be a fair assessment to say that gun violence has escalated in the last twenty years?

Yes, it has escalated in the last twenty years.

Okay. Second question, in the last twenty years have restrictions on gun use and anti-gun legislation increased, decreased or stayed the same?

The answer is very simple. Gun restrictions have increased massively in the last twenty years.

Okay. Let me just get this straight. Gun violence has increased radically in the last twenty years. At the same time, gun restrictions have increased radically.

So as gun restrictions increase, violence increases, and people are suggesting that we restrict guns more?

Gun restriction laws and attempts to erase our second amendment rights are not helping the problem and perhaps it’s time to find a new solution.

By the way, blaming Glenn Beck and conservatives is not a solution. That is just a broad-based, aggressive, mean-spirited, belligerent, and, might I add, hateful ad hominem against a group of people that liberals (typically speaking) simply do not like.

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I agree, this man, as we have seen with others, have a deeper issue at stake. An average, rational person would not respond in this manner. So we should be cautious putting to much stock in the word's of a man who acted out so irationally.

My heart goes out to those officers and families as well.

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I purpose and idea

I have noticed, ever year on the 4th of July, our Nation glorious holiday, Americans unites under patriotism, principles and values. We focus on our history and the truth of what makes this country great.

Starting today, at your place of residence, display daily the Flag of The United States of America. Let us work together in every way possible to bring about the Spirit of America in this land. That spirit of love and adoration for America mixed with an informed mind is the foundation for good decision making.

Let us unequivocally display, with true American patriotism, that we surround them.

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I had a thought while reading the speech, the President said:

"On both sides of the Atlantic, these attitudes have become all too common. They are not wise; they do not represent the truth. They threaten to widen the divide across the Atlantic and leave us both more isolated."

The President attributed the divide across the Atlantic to “attitudes” (American arrogance and European anti-Americanism). I respectfully disagree. It would seem to me that the divide is caused not simply by attitude but by differences in worldviews or ideology. (American worldview vs. European worldviews)

By using the term “attitudes” to describe the problem, it disrespectfully minimizes the fundamental American worldview to something such as wishful thinking that can be simply abandoned through maturity.

No doubt we should always seek peace and unity wherever possible. But I do not believe in diluting or throwing the American ideology (principals) out the window for the sake of closing a divide. It should not ever be acceptance for the sake of acceptance. The real virtue is, and ought to be, standing up for liberty and freedom with boldness and integrity.

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Glenn, I thank you for loving this country enough to have the integrity to stand for truth and justice. It's not always easy but we surround you.