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What a wonderful thought, to be able to insult Islam every day. I think I will make that a goal of mine. I wonder where I can get a bumper sticker that says Allah is not God, or maybe Muhammad was a pedophile.

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Unfortunately, there are a number of desperate fools out there. C'mon man, cut these folks a little slack, they were probably led into this experiment under false pretenses. The Obama administration should never have been trusted from day one!

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Hey, once a Marine, always a Marine, Semper Fi!!! It's the organization under this administration that has become politically correct, and you can bet your yellow sweatshirt that many, many Marines do not agree with the new permissiveness. I was a Marine in Nam, I know there were homosexuals in the service then, I think there always have been. But, I hate the sin, not the sinner. I do not condone the practice of homosexual behavior, and I do not believe that God placed anything in the human gene that would result in a man destroying his own soul. It's a choice, plain and simple, and I know that I'll get flack for that statement. Having been a Marine Sergeant, I can handle the flack, I mean I'm anti-Islam too, and I don't mind saying it.

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Ahhh, the forgotten hero's of yesteryear. I'm 63, and when I was a kid, Batman was just a comic book character. Television was pretty new, and as far as I can remember only Superman, a guy named Commando Cody, and there was an outer space type program whose name escapes me. We did of course recognise these folks as fictitious characters. Today it appears that some folks look at them as being real, in a sense, anyway. We did have people and TV shows that displayed good moral character however. They weren't super hero's, they were just regular Joe's with integrity, honesty and right on their side. Sky King and his niece Penny come to mind, also Captain Midnight, an ex WWII fighter pilot. Westerners like Roy and Dale, Gene Autry, The Lone Ranger and Hop-along Cassidy. Just good male and female roll models. They went to church, they helped the needy and there was a good moral to each program. I don't need super hero's. There is only one Super Hero in My Life, and that's Jesus Christ. There is "no higher power"!

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CIANA is a extremely worthwhile endeavor, but it will not be signed into law as along as Barack Obama holds the pen. This Obama administration has no problem interceding it's power into states that attempt to stop abortion, or any other Liberal/Progressive agenda. I use my own state of Tennessee for an example. We voted to defund Planned Parenthood because of their abortion on demand agenda, but Obama and his administration simply decided to re-fund it with Federal Tax dollars. I use California as another example, twice the people of California voted to ban same sex marriage, yet a Federal Judge has reinstated same sex marriage both times. Prayer does work, and if CIANA is to be passed and signed, it will take a miracle from God.

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Praise the Lord for Michele Bachmann and the few brave congressmen with her in this battle for the very life of our Republic. There are not many in D.C. who will take a stand against this President or the MuslimBrotherhood for that matter. We need to back Michele and her cohorts on this crucial fight.
I have been alerting people for a number of years about the infiltration of Islam into America. As little as a year ago people accused me of bigotry, many of them are coming around. Thank God, perhaps America will wake up. check out my Blog.

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Although your points are good and certainly well taken, the subject of the article was regarding the "Atheist Convention".Of course, there are events that will attract the run of the mill male chauvinist.I would venture to say that men with good moral upbringing probably wouldn't be the chauvinist.On the other hand, men who make it a habit to sexually harass women may just assume that in, or at, an event targeted toward Atheists, they might find women of lower standards.I am not saying that female or males who are Atheistic have a lower standard regarding their sexual prowess, but may only be perceived to have lower standards, by those who do prey on women.Does that make any sense?Either way, it makes to me.

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You won't get common refrains, if you would just think through your replies, and not comment so much off the cuff.

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Whatever the name, I thoroughly enjoy the joust.

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JWDixon66, hey c'mon Jeff, is that you with the new handle? Doesn't matter, really. I have read through all your comments, didn't take very long, I've seen more difficult reading in 2nd grade readers. Your replies and comments are at best, nonsensical and childish, not to mention repetitive and without substance. Reading your replies is like listening to a broken record, you keep playing the same inane song over and over again.