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It's time the Catholic church starts speaking out against those who believe abortion is ok. They will somewhat speak out when Obama is going to ND, but what about the regular Americans who call themselves a catholic, yet don't follow the church doctrine? Those people need to be told too. You either follow the whole faith, or you don't follow the faith at all. It's a misrepresentation, especially to our youth today, to think one can have their cake and eat it too on issues like abortion and stem cell research. I plan on writing to the different Diocese and asking them to start a nationwide campaign to "educate their masses."

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It's the typical Pelosi dance. She is so full of hate she wants the pubs to be prosecuted for their alleged crimes. Now that she has been found to have known about the enhanced interrogation techniques, she is scrambling. This doesn't fit into her plan. As a matter of fact, if proven true, it could make her and several others look really bad.

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Amen! AsIsNow...I guess we have forgotten the images of people jumping from the WTC, the lives lost due to the terrorists...or as we have to call them now, really religious folks. We have become so damnably pc that we are accepting this kind of behavior and terror against our own citizens, and not putting more thought into how to keep us protected.

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I'm waiting for the blame to be shifted to us somehow. You know how we have become the BAD GUYS for the world, and our POTUS is constantly apologizing for us.

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It's easy...most Americans are uneducated on the issues. They believe they are well educated by only watching the nightly news, and since most news channels (not Fox) are smitten with Obama, everyone still thinks of him as God. It's really quite amazing to be able to see all of this in action.

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Really, Leahy? Alright...let's see if you have the willpower to still call for this when you have to include your fellow dems into the mix to investigate. You cannot give them a free pass in this.

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I worry about where this is coming from. Why have we heard nothing as to what caused so many people to get ill? Did it come from people touching and caring for infected pigs? You supposedly cannot get it from eating pork, so...this worries me with the ability for some to come up with viruses to infect large amounts of people with. Could this be a viral attack?

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We need to close the border, than we need to guard the border. It is beyond me how anyone can look at this situation from any vantage point and not see the inherent dangers of just leaving the border open. Terrorists can move in, more illegals can move in, diseases can come to us, but quick, government, sit on your hands! Both sides are to blame, as each of them see the border as voters, not paying attention to what this influx is costing us.

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Has anyone seen this video?

It's a new video from a professor in Kuwait, talking about an attack on us. Why is it important? Our military troops move through this area before moving into's a scary thought.

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Obama is making us less safe with his current actions. Never before have we CUT the defense budget during a time of war, and given up the ghost on our intelligence seeking methods, and had our own administration call it out as being wrong. Nor have we had a President who is so hell bent on apologizing for America instead of defending us, and it, to the hilt. Then we have him shutting down Gitmo, without a plan in site on where to put the terrorists. I don't want these kind of people in my backyard, it's ridiculous. It's typical of the government though...come up with some idea, and implement it without setting everything in place and thinking everything through. I feel less safe, I fear for my husbands return to the Middle East, as I don't feel Obama respects and cares for our military members. I think he is effectively tying their hands on actions they should take, and would compromise my family (with an Army husband) for his own political agenda. I sure hope America keeps getting wise about this administration so they can begin voting them out next year. Dems are definitely worse for the military than pubs are...and that's not saying much.