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This appears to be the perfect day to rejoin the Wonkette fold.
Carry on.

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OT, it's bizarre to see Don Shelby referred to as a "MinnPost reporter."

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You know...if Wisconsin is any indication and the tens of thousands who came out to protest an obvious injustice, you may actually be right. Let's just hope "the voice of the people" is greater than that of corporations and the Scalias of the world.

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I love Bob Herbert but today, I hope everything he says in his column is wrong. It's OK when I have the same thoughts because I can just say to myself "Oh, you're making too big a deal out of this. Don't be such a drama queen. Everything's going to be fine. Obama's going to fix it all and your kids are going to have a great life."
But when I see those doubts on paper, it's much harder to escape the realization that we are totally fucked.
So thank you Bob Herbert and good-bye. I hope your last column is 100-percent wrong.

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Lois Lane and Peter Parker?

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Now THIS is the kind of investigative reporting I like.
And I'll bet the reporter didn't even have to dress up like a pimp.

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My favorite part of this, so far, was Alan Colmes twit about the announcement...calling T-Paw the former governor of SC. Minnesota, South Carolina....same diff.

Colmes has since corrected himself...

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So the meeting with Netanyahu is actually on his schedule?
Why would he even agree to that?
Seems like the potential for embarrassment for both countries would be huge.

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It's like they're teachers or something.

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I want to nominate that alt text for a Pulitzer Prize.