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Well if leaders appreciate the chance to constantly move, revaluate what is going on, draw new connections within old data, solve problems and move on -- yeah that's me.

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So how do you unlearn to lead from a position of fear, when that's what you confront every single day from people above you?

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How soon till the new redesign of ChurchCrunch is released?

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Crazy part for me, I joined facebook just after it emerged from a privileged "few" colleges. Now I'm struggling to find my relevance there. I peaked at just over 450 "friends." What did that yield me, an overloaded newsfeed. All this to say, engage but keep watching what people are doing and where they are going...there's more stuff coming out, but all this social media stuff is also bringing people back to desiring real live relationships. The scope however, of where those relationships can range, has massively expanded...

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Still learning this...despite recent notoriety I have been working on that Bible verse about "whatever your hand finds to do."

Lately I have been working on getting a linux server running in my home office. I have Apache & PHP & Samba installed and running, so I can do Wordpress Dev and share files & printers. Now only to get better hosting for my sites that actually included SSH access so I could learn how to do Rsynch backups of live website files and databases.

I have gotten a couple of leads for Daniel C Berman Communications, but there is a big difference between leads and paying clients...There is still a lot of year left though - anything can happen!

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I haven't watched the videos and I'm exactly sure if I want to for reasons that many have listed above. That said it does occur to me, its one thing to say something in order to knock others off balance and encourage them to think. Its entirely different to actually personally believe what your saying and encourage others to follow you. Its entirely different still to act as though one believes something and only do it to encourage people to think. Which is it here?

I am all for intellectual exercises and good old fashioned theological debate over exegesis, but the question that keeps coming back to me, is authenticity on the part of the speaker in these videos. If people are purposely having to reinterpret his statements for constructive use in their own lives, which do not include whole-sale application of the statements, hasn't the instructor lost control of the guidance process in the learning situation? Who's actually teaching and who is doing the learning? Can it be called learning if its not guided by someone else with superior intellect or life experience?

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Well thank you John! I sincerely appreciate it, I have never one something like this. I will be sending you an email.

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And unfortunately because you commented on it, I can't edit it on my end. Can you modify the link on your end John?

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I would promote my new business, Daniel C Berman Communications (http://danielcberman.com) specialising in website design, social media marketing, and computer repair.

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Sounds like an excellent situation for two twitter accounts. One that you maintain your "Christian" conversations with, and the other that you use to engage culture with...