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Praying for you Tim. You've ministered to many people through your blog and other ventures. I'm praying that God will use this to get you to a place where your gifts and ministry are appreciated and valued.

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Powerpoint was designed for business presentations and is setup for linear presentations. Everything has to be in the correct order. Worship presentation software allows you to overlay text over video and also integrate Bible verses, videos, dvd clips, and songs in one software package. it also allows you to quickly change the order or even add things in spontaneously. Once you've used it, you'll appreciate the added flexibility.

Thanks for joining the conversation.

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You've shared a lot here and I can tell you've been through a lot of pain. I challenge you to not give up on God. God can bring you through your pain. Again, I encourage you to email me if you would like to talk further. See the contact info at the top of the page.

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I can't imagine the pain you've experienced. There are evil people in this world, but can you blame God for the actions of people who obviously are not following God. Use the contact form at the top of this page if you would like to email me to talk. I would love to help you.

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Thanks Charlie St. Cloud

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You can go to http://www.mycornerstone.org/index.php?pr=Recent_... and just click on watch. If something is not working there, you can go directly to our church page on the Vimeo video site at http://www.vimeo.com/mycornerstone/videos

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I appreciate you joining the conversation, but I'm having trouble following the argument of giving our best effort. Our best effort for Jesus does not involve how we look when we come together. In the post, I talked about how we view dressing up differently. If I don't tuck in my shirt, would that be disrespectful? Would $100 designer jeans be just as ostentatious as a $1000 suit? The way we dress can be very subjective, and if we make it the measuring stick for our faith, then haven't we missed the point of loving God and loving others?

The church I pastor is in a downtown area in a city that has been hard hit by job-loss and poverty. We have many people that attend each week that have never gone to church before because their clothes aren't "nice enough" I have even heard stories where they have been asked to leave churches because they weren't dressed appropriately. I simply cannot reconcile the words of James 2 and how people view dressing up in church today.

If we want to talk about giving our best to Christ, we should be talking about how we can give our clothes away to those who need them. That would be much closer to Biblical Christianity than the show that most Christians try to put on today.

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I would love a copy of the book as well. I pastor a growing church in a small town in the mountains of Virginia. My passion has been equipping and helping the rural church.

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I've had some problems with OpenOffice as well, but the newer versions don't seem to be near as bad as before. I've used both OpenOffice and NeoOffice on the mac with mixed results. But for basic documents and spreadsheets they work fine. The presentation program really is awful. I'll stick to using Keynote for those.

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Preach it brother!!! Thanks for typing a sermon as a comment :-)