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He has a powerful life story that will inspire many...even if they don't immediately recognize his name. His life story is everything that a graduating senior should want to hear. You should be grateful that he'll be speaking there.

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Ah, man. I'm sorry to hear that. So how are you feeling these days? Do you have pain with regular walking? Where do you feel the pain? What do you think it might do to your running? To be honest, this is a small piece of what has kept me from running--serious injury. I hear about guys that are in their fifties or early sixties getting hip replacements and those kinds of things, so it concerns me. I know every body is different, though. Dwight N over here suns several miles every day, every single day of the year....and seems to really enjoy it and be just fine.

Blessings to you. Let me know how your'e doing.

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Tough subject. I think ideally pastors should be able to make friends in their church. I think it's easier for pastors to totally be themselves in front of other pastors, though.

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Alright, Javier! haha...very nice, brother. I like it. I personally think it's nice to occasionally jump behind the camera and share stuff. I think some things work better that way. Keep it up!

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Seeing this put a smile on my face :)
And that's actually a very cool way to do it, recording it on the phone. I like!

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1. Javier, a big congrats to you. Really proud of you for sticking to this blogging thing. As you know, it's not the easiest thing in the world. Most people give up after a few posts or a few weeks. So going strong for a whole year, and having 103 posts under your belt is a big deal. Keep it up. I'll answer the questions, but feel free to pass along the gift to one of the other peeps if my name comes up.

2. As a church we're donating towards a charity water campaign that we started. If we can build that well that will be more then enough Christmas for us.

3. Pray that we can move this church to the next level. We're going to be trying some new things that I'm excited about. We'll begin with some experimentations early next year. Hopefully we can do something!

Merry Christmas to you guys!!

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Very cool. And bold. I'm trying to think if I could even come up with 100. I think I'm going to give it try, though.

Thanks for sharing!

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All I know that is that Jesus loves the sinner, but hates the sin. Is practicing homosexuality a sin? Scripture seems to be pretty clear that it is. Is it a greater sin than others? No. So someone that is homosexual needs to refrain from those tendencies, even if they believe they were born that way. From a biblical perspective, I don't see any other option.

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I use google tasks and a moleskine notebook. Works well for me.

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Hey!! I didn't know you've written a book :)
Where can I read it? You should link to it somewhere on your blog.