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Wow... So at the beginning of this year, I remember (because I was not drunk, mind you) sitting in one of our 2+ hour deacon meetings debating a change to our deacon covenant regarding this very issue. Well, it was part of the discussion. When you begin to debate what does and does not disqualify a person from being a "called out" servant of the church... it can get interesting :)

I do not drink. My wife does not drink. We never have. In fact, I had my first cup of coffee a few weeks ago. The whole thing can be seen on my blog

I personally do not mind if I am around those who drink... and get drunk while doing it. I don't mind locking arms with fellow servants who are known to drink. Like most sin, if it consumes you to the point of replacing your witness and testimony, then I believe you should stop.

By the way I'm not one to believe every stat that gets thrown around regarding things like this... but there was an interesting article that I read the other day that says that watching R-rated movies may lead to early alcohol use. I think we can all agree that we don't need our kids drinking before they are mature and physically ready.

Alright, that's enough for one comment. I gotta go find my Mountain Dew and fix the shakes that I'm having right now.
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Awesome Shaun. God is Good.

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Oh yeah. Preach.

This is what we're telling the folks in my industry. They seem to be the latest adopters to anything, and social media is no different. They are afraid to engage the conversation, and want PR to take care of it. They don't get that every person in their organization is now public relations for their brand.

Take it one step further. As i'm listening to my good bud todd fields sing "it is well" to me from my itunes, I expect that this sunday I'll be hearing the same version. I'll be disappointed when I'm asked to turn to page 339 and stand as we sing...

BTW I nearly 'crap my pants' when I was at SCAD a few weeks ago and didn't have wireless access for the hour before someone came out and gave me the access codes. Expectations.

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I guess it was a slow news week. Space is still sexy. unknown is mysterious.

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ha. as I read this in my google reader, there was an ad underneath it for Banner Creator Software. Maybe they used that.

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he's cool!

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Sweet. I'll send you info.

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It was good. I too enjoy the Steve Jobs approach to presentations. This is going to be the year that I attempt to step out and do more on the side. Who knows, a few of my coworkers and I might collaborate on some.

As a team, we felt that there wasn't enough basic sessions. I'm not real sure why I'm telling you this, but we did bring some total noobs. Would like to see more practical 'case studies' of orgs or coms using wordpress for site or campaign.

It was still fun as a team to get together and bond.
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Wow. This guy looks like me. However, I guess he and I differ a lot in this area. To me, as long as the technology can remain transparent and not get in the way or be the focal point, it can be effectively used to amplify the message of Christ. I have run into many who differ with me on this, as they immediately close their minds to anything related to technology. (Youtube being a GREAT example!)