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These same religious types scream about the unreasonable "fascism" of "secular humanists" for trashing their Yes On 8! or Yes on 102! political signs.

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Back when I lived in Texas, there were "dry" and "wet" communities throughout the Dallas area and I found it ridiculous, since anyone who wanted to drink had booze at home anyway. Or they could drive a few miles away, buy some and take it home. Having moved there from an area that did not have these types of laws, it was very confusing.

I agree with this article and the comments, particularly with respect to the "war on drugs" which is a huge waste of money and a big failure. Along the same "moral lines" are the bans on smoking here in places like Arizona. I can understand logical health arguments about smoking bans in public places, where people are being exposed to secondhand smoke against their will. However, in their private affairs, people can choose not to smoke and not to be around it for health or moral reasons. But to tell a private tavern that that it is not allowed to let its customers smoke seems to be a bit much, since no one is forced to do business at the tavern in the first place.

For the Bible believers, I fail to understand why they think that consuming alcohol is wrong, since one of the supposed miracles of Jesus was to transform water into wine.

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I went ahead and set it up. It's pretty cute! I've been joining networks and trying to make connections, but you can only request 5 connections at a time. I don't understand the point system; however, it seems like the points add up pretty fast.

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I've been joining so many social networking types of things lately that I think I'm forgetting to use them all. I'm going to have to think about Scoutle ... am curious how it works for everyone.

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Intense Debates, to my surprise, was very easy to install. It's a nice, clean system. Hope you're enjoying using it on Texas Startup.

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For some reason, the links are not working on this blog -- I keep getting 404 errors. Your debate site sounds interesting.

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I have also been using Intense Debate and am quite pleased with it. It is easy to install; the threading is great; the widgets are easy to use. I saw somewhere that Intense Debate can be used on HTML pages, which is what I think I will try next.

I would love to see a directory somewhere with all the "Intense Debate" enabled blogs and sites so we can get more comments. I think some of my blog visitors think they have to sign up for something in order to comment, which may be stifling some commenting activity. Some people comment only for the backlinks, and since Intense Debate is a javascript plugin, people might not be commenting because they're not getting the links.

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David, you're right on about passion as an ingredient for success. Startups cost a lot of money, take a lot of time, and burn up a lot of personal energy. Unless you're truly passionate about what your startup represents, you'll burn out quickly and abandon the project.

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This is great information. I get tons of ideas from Stumbling, one of your examples. I hadn't thought about visiting software sites before - good suggestion.

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This is just another example of the outrageous double standards that some to the far left would like to impose on the rest of us. I've also seen articles where the same 'environmentals' who advocate the use of ethanol are saying that the corn production for ethanol will harm the ecosystem.

Not only do these people attack the use of plants and the humans that eat them, but livestock is constantly under attack. Here's an appalling article that I read about Forest Guardians' tactics: Bidding Wars.

These well-meaning (or maybe not so well-meaning) folks seem to promote a "damned if you do, damned if you don't" philosophy concerning the environment. You're right. Maybe they do think that mass genocide is the solution.