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This is a very interesting but apparently incomplete or poorly edited post.

Why is the "Poiltics and Current Affairs" category ignored with no argument?

Why are these CSJ selected aricles reviewed?

What categories did the CSJ put them in?

Was the critique of the CSJ analysis meant to show they had put them in the wrong categories or that they fit more than the CSJ selected?

Is the above mean to show the conclusion is based on conservative data and the reality is worse than this - that is more in favour of the conclusion that "she misses the point. People are not just worried by terrorists. They are worried by what very large numbers of law-abiding Muslims in this country and other places do and say." or the opposite?

So in what way are these two analysis (CSJ vs post author's blog) contrasting? Where do they agree and not agree? What are the implications for the conclusion of this post?

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What can I say, spoken like true desire utilitarian, except your not!

Great article anyway :-)

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Yes, well I recently pruned my blog of javascript etc. and one of my criteria was that it had to load faster than db0's!!! (An easy one to meet now :-) )

With regard to my point on mobiles which I think is far more important, there is an antagonism between using web 2.0 with relatively cheap bandwidth and easily available energy to offload server processing on everyone's PCs versus the reduced processing power and limited energy storage of mobiles with the relatively expensive bandwidth wanting to offload this work back onto servers. This issue is IMV particularly relevant to comments, more so than many other Web 2.0 solutions, as it is the means of two way communications which we want to keep flexible and mostly independent of requiring fixed locations e.g. sitting at a desk - we have many other needs that do require that but I hate it that commenting will keep me tied to a desk. I will just comment less :-(

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Your blog already was one of the slowest loaders and now with IDC it is the slowest,
There is no ability to comment via a mobile (I have three diff mobile O/Ss none work with IDC)
It does yet import old blogger comments
Could not get it to work with my blogger template - directly helped on this by IDC founder to no avail
Had it working with old blogger template but mixed up comments - attached to wrong posts, and lost comments

The mobile issues are the biggest IMHO. This is the big mistake of Web 2.0 of course but is specifically relevant to prevent comment responses by mobiles which is what IDC (and Disqus) fail to handle.

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Yes I have added recent comments but dont like the formatting, I prefer my old one.

I was not talking about comments on the home page. I meant there is no comments link (or number count) underneath a post on the home page. That is essential and standard with the old comments system in blogger and elsewhere.

Go to my home page and see if yuo are puzzled, thanks for the speedy response BTW

I just found out blogger has added inline comments, I am investigating that now.

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Yes well I have installed it but it does not seem to work. No recent comments and comment link under post. It does work when I select a particular post but that is not much good is it?