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You will be pleased to know that this has garnered my interest. I had thought about replying with my ideas here, but my response will be long and obscenely thorough... so I may have to make my own entry. Hope you don't mind!

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There is so much that offer strong cases against his credibility that I am shocked that the reviews are the way they are on In a mere few ours I got 4 unhelpful votes thanks to ID proponents. I even ask in here for comments as you can see, but do I get any? No I do not. They blindly give me a "no" vote simply because it doesn't praise this video. Here's link to amazon to see for yourself!

If you DO actually have an amazon account and you did like this review, give me a vote to help fight this hypocrisy!

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Yeah the book isn't too long at all and it only took me a couple days to read and I'm actually a pretty slow reader. But I do highly recommend it!

Db0, I wasn't criticizing Harris for not bringing those arguments up. The book is brilliant. I was simply saying, I'm sort of surprised he didn't touch upon those ones in particular to add to the book, because it wouldn't have added too much to an already fairly short book. I agree that to write EVERYTHING would be too daunting. Even I didn't mention everything in my review like the Prayer response. (i.e. when you pray to God the answers are "Yes, No, and Wait". Mathematically these are literally all possible responses and thus God can seemingly never be wrong and answers every prayer. This is nonsense.) So even in my points I wasn't saying he should mention all possible counter arguments, I was just adding four more that I was surprised didn't make it into the book.

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I see where you're coming from, but I still stand my point that if you're going to enter into a foray such as this, have your evidence and be ready to explain it. Don't give us a list of random stuff and expect us to do the years of research you've done on it. That's really all I ever ask of anyone is be able to logically back up your points, let others try to poke holes in it no matter how harsh they seem. You frankly didn't do any of this. When I refuted your points you merely said "go read this author", but that doesn't counter the 20 books I've read on the same topic discussing the same issue. As far as I can tell, I have more evidence and PhD's backing up my commentary. Just some friendly recommendations from me, next time you want to debate these points out with people.

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Yeah, but if you take something as rude, aren't you going to respond in kind?

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Which boggles my mind because I'm the one who's the most blatantly offensive!

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so uh... don't use the dictionary to define the word faith in the English language... but instead use the Bible to help define words you want to understand in the English language. Where have I heard this argument before. *Looks up foreshadow on biblegateway* This word isn't in the Bible, it must not be a real English word, what are we to do?? Well the Bible's never wrong, so all English dictionary's are probably wrong, we'll have to strike it from the record, God can never be wrong.

Worst argument EVER to try and define faith... try again, because when it comes to arguing semantics you're failing this one.

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Parallel's to "occultism" should be your first clue that it's nonsense. How do you not know that? Besides, which occult ideology are you talking about as being legitimate? Hermeticism, Gnosis? What man, what!!!?

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Correction, just because a group of people living in Babylonian captivity decided to write down their myths! : ) Marquis de Sade wrote the majority of his debauched stories while he was in prison (captivity). So should we also revere that as the word of God? What do you think Bluelinchpin? Maybe we should worship his works! haha

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No, you brought it up as a refutation. You tell us what you think it means then we'll research and decide whether you're on point or making an insane claim like you've done in almost every other section of this debate, whilst barely even refuting a quarter of what we've brought up. I don't even know what equidistant letter sequences mean, so it's on YOU to tell us if that's your proof. Why do Christians constantly think it's on US to do the research on something when they're the ones bringing it up? When we say "prove God exists", the burden of proof isn't on them... noooo... it's on us to prove he doesn't. Idiots. Just tell us what this crazy equidistant crap means.