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2 notes from the weekend:

1) When did graduations become so noisy? Back in *my* day (2011), people stayed in their seats and were relatively quiet during the horribly boring ceremony. At Mr. CB’s graduation last year and my sister’s yesterday, people were talking the whole time, up and out of their seats a ton. Even the graduates on the floor were on their phones!

2) Munchkin and I flew over 1,000 miles, me with a horrible stomach bug that I’m still not over, and my sister made the effort to see us *once* for dinner on Saturday night. She was supposed to come over to the hotel on Sunday to hang out, maybe go to the pool, but we didn’t hear from her until we were on our way to the ceremony. I truly do not get her. Munchkin was so excited to see her aunt but if I had known that would be it, I could have just been sick in my own home. I don’t know if/how I should say something to her but I’m pretty peeved.

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At hotel, my parents took Munchkin to lunch and I am in bed. Thank goodness for amazing grandparents. And I only puked once on the plane! *Monty Python Much Rejoicing.gif*

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#2 had it earlier this week so I must have gotten it from him. I jinxed myself by reflecting that even though he’s had a bunch of stomach bugs the last couple years, I never seem to get them. That’ll show me!

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Music composition! Don’t ask me what she’s going to do with it, I have no idea!

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I spent the night puking and doing other things I will spare your eyeballs from, not sure if Munchkin and I would make our flight to TX this morning for my sister’s PhD graduation. Well, I’m proud to say that I rallied my haggard self, took 2 Zofran and 2 Imodium, and we are currently in the lounge having breakfast. I’m hoping to hand her off to my parents when we get the hotel and collapse there.

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Sending you chill kid wishes!!

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At my parents’ house helping to pack up for their upcoming move. Apparently I/we saved ALL of my college textbooks and notebooks. Some high school ones too. I’m feeling pretty good about myself because I took AMAZING notes. Just beautiful. But into the trash they go!

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We had family photos today. What a shitshow. Predictably, Archimedes was the best-behaved one. Amazingly, it *wasn’t* the 2-year-old who was the least cooperative. His older siblings took turns refusing to be in the picture and/or smile. Not even my shameless bribes of ice cream sundaes were enough to overcome the obstinance.

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Today in aging terribly: I went to 2 shows last weekend and between looking up at the stage and 1 singular night on hotel pillows, my neck hurts so much. It hurts to look left. I'm not an ambi-turner anymore.