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Munchkin loves it when I tell the story of #2’s poopsplosion when we were maybe 30 minutes into a 6-hour drive!

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Lollllllz, it is way over-due! But no break yet. I need to just book something because Mr. CB has been traveling a lot too and I am super over it.

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I’m in some circle of sick kid hell. Sunday morning, 1:30am, #2 starts puking. I stayed in the room with him and he puked every hour; no sleep for me. Cancelled the nanny for Monday. By Sunday evening he still couldn’t even keep down ice chips so the nurse line told us to take him to the ER. They give him Zofran and he was a little up and down today, but mostly trending up. Then, Munchkin puked in the bath after dinner. Yuck. Gave her some of #2’s Zofran, but she puked again before it kicked in I think. Just a few minutes ago, more barf. She didn’t really wake up even; I just happened to see her moving on the monitor. First load of laundry for tonight is in, and I’m setting up my sleeping pad in her room. Of course Mr. CB is out late at dinner tonight.

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Mr. CB’s mom had surgery today to remove the tumor in her GI tract (i forget exactly where) and it went well! Apparently she woke up from a little doze when Mr. CB was there and asked when the surgery would be 😂 So I guess the pain meds are working.

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A very happy birthday to you, Ross!

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We will see 😬 I changed out the flusher handle thing too and it doesn’t feel quite right. Oh well - it was worth a shot!

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Today I attempted to replace all of the internal workings of a toilet tank. I’m calling it a potential success but the gasket around the flush valve is still like settling I guess and I’ve had to re-tighten some bolts because they’ve started leaking a bit. We will probably have to call a plumber anyway because I’m pretty sure it’s also leaking from the water shutoff valve and I am definitely not equipped to mess with that.

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Happy birthday Butters and happy birth day Enesibit!!

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Oh man, that is a lot, I’m really sorry BK.

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Crossing all my fingers and toes!!! Come on, dream job!