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"Congressional Republicans demand plan for collecting El Niño water"
For years they denied that climate change was real, and insisted that we shouldn't waste money getting ready for it. Now, suddenly, they "demand a plan" to prevent rainwater from going downhill, all over the State . . . and they want it NOW, this winter, which is expected to dump a ton of water on the state. (The same climate experts who are wrong about global warming are, somehow, entirely credible about this one weird thing.)

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That's the nice thing about CA and the Bay Area: when they need a billion dollar bridge or train line, they just do it. Red state Republitards (looking at you, Chris Chrisco) are paralyzed by the idiotic promises they made to their teabagger base.

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Some headlines, you just can't make up.

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Also too, it would be nice if each page loaded already scrolled up to the top. It's a bit disorienting to click a link and face a blank window, and have to think, "Oh, right, now I have to scroll back up."

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Got to meet her when my daughter was very young, and very into Sesame Street. She's nicer in person than even her "Maria" character.

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Love how the cops were so diligent about attending to the crash. Uninsured hicks just not worth the effort?

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Great pic from the top of Mt. Washington
And another from up in the White Mountains.

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Where are the intermediate forms, henggggh?

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Must have been part of the White Appreciation Day festivities.
I see this stuff as an attempt at "Church of Satan"-style trolling.

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Millions of dead crabs, and I don't see the seagulls chowing down on them. It must be getting a bit smelly by now.