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Father Estefanos Shehata and all the Copts in the USA and in Egypt are advised not to hold their breaths until this issue is resolved. Egyptian Muslims are only upholding Islamic doctrine based on revelations from Allâh delivered by the Angel Gibreel to the Prophet Muhammed in a dark cave about 1350 years ago.

Those revelations state that all non-Muslims have only the right to serve their Muslim Masters until the non-Muslim dies or is killed for transgressing Allâh, Muhammed, or the Qur’ân. These revelations also state that all non-believers are condemned to Hell for all Eternity and that there are not and will not be any intercessors to Allâh for any non-believer.

To protest this Islamic treatment of non-believers is an incredible affront to all Muslims, and to petition the Islamically-based Egyptian government to take action against the Muslim village elders in Minia Governorate for issuing a "death fatwa" compounds the insult.

It's too bad that the Muslims cannot "submit" themselves to living with their non-believing neighbors in peace.

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A protection order would probably do no good. Most Muslims believe that Islam or the words of Allâh are superior to all other law, and would ignore that protection order.

This would include her parents and any other Muslim who took it upon himself to punish this girl for her apostasy.

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Actually the two World Wars were caused by expansion of imperialist supremacist ideologies like Fascism, Nazism, and Islamism

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As noted by Dumbledoresarmy, Muhammed ordered the killing in the dark of night of the hanifa Asma bint Marwan, a woman with five children, one of them suckling at her breast while her body was slashed open by her assailant who had been specifically charged by Muhammed, and later thanked in public.

Muhammed also ordered the killing of the laughing woman during the massacre of Banu Qurayza where about 900 Jewish men and one laughing Jewish woman were killed. All the beheaded bodies were consigned to trench graves dug by the victims.

It doesn't matter which Islam you choose to follow, the example of Muhammed is held in the highest regard by all and expected to be followed by all devout Muslims. Perhaps the Prophet forbade woman-killing only for others and reserved that particular pleasure for himself. In that case, he was a hypocrite.

To say that Islam proscribes the killing of women, is simply a lie, better known as taqqiyya.

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Notice that Rifqa is a non-citizen, and therefore because she has committed no crime, is properly in the jurisdiction of the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). Remanding her case to ICE would allow her to apply for asylum due to endangerment to her life. While ICE makes its determination, which might take many months or a year or two, there would be no reason for her not to be released on bond into the custody of the Lorenz' as a distressed minor, certainly not a subject for incarceration awaiting decision.

It is very likely, given the circumstances of the case that her petition for asylum would be granted, probably not before her 18th birthday. After that, application for citizenship should be an easy route out of her present difficulties.

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Being raped or becoming apostate are two of the many things which besmirch family honor and make the woman or girl susceptible to being "honor-killed" by members of her family.

Because of her apostasizing from Islam and converting to Christianity, 17-year-old Rifqa Bary has also embarrassed and dishonored Islam and the Ummah.

For that she is not only in danger of being honor-killed by a family member, but also killing by any other non-family devout Muslim who takes it into his pointy little head to square things with Allâh.

Rifqa is in deep shit, and the Lorenz' are standing there with her. Under Islamic doctrine they are guilty of harboring a fugitive from Islamic justice and therefore also subject to killing. Any killer of Rifqa or the Lorenz' for the reasons noted shall suffer no repercussions under Islam, but instead receive the blessings of Allâh, the Merciful.

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Nine tons of processed and packed opium should occupy at least 500 cubic feet.

The average small bedroom in a cheap apartment unit is about 800 cubic feet.

In other words, you have a real job to get that much opium into that bedroom. Most average size offices for a single person are about the same size as that bedroom. Of course, the Governor's office would be much larger, but he still wouldn't have any room left over to conduct regular business without stares and awkward questions, such as "WTF?"

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The Doctor said it was a miracle. It's more likely that he signed the death certificate without looking, and now maintains that the delayed birth was a miracle.

It's a miracle this doctor was allowed the practice medicine.

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Another answer: They don't have health insurance...just tons of cash from oil sales.

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Comment on: "Report: Jihadists have attacked Pakistan's nuclear facilities three times"

"...asks if the geographical location of Pakistan’s principal nuclear weapons infrastructure, which is mainly in areas dominated by al-Qaida and Taliban, makes it more vulnerable to internal attacks."

You Betcha!...Do you really think the Talibombers don't know where those nukes are...even if the US doesn't? Do you think having them in the Talihood isn't a great temptation?

Don't you think having them there makes it a lot easier to get to's not like they have to go a couple of hundred miles out of their way. And...this very convenient location would permit the Taliraiders to build up a sufficient attack force quietly over a period of a few hours or days.

Get 'em out while you can...Dhimmie Dummies!!