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Thank you for this tribute.

We The People have lost a most-powerful voice

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43 is young but not unheard of to die of a heart attack. The younger you are the less likely you are to survive a heart attack due to lack of collateral circulation. It is tragic and sad he is dead.

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My deepest heartfelt sympathies to Mr. Breitbart's family.

His death is our loss.

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Does anyone know if this case can be retired?

The judge's behavior and comments should show enough bias to warrant another trial.

Please some one tell me this can be brought to court again.

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BO stated that energy cost would "necessarily skyrocket" if was POTUS. Well it has happened.

Why would I buy an electric car when I can hardly afford my electric bill now?

Freaking idiot BO wants to increase my electric cost and force me to buy mercury powered light bulbs to what... offset the cost of charging my car?

Does he really think I'm that stupid?

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Obama is going around Congress and the will of the American people to empower our enemies.
I don't think even if they agree to the UN contracts they can ever enforce these mandates. They are also going after our second amendment right too, not just free speech.
Each time BO and the UN will try to enforce it, it will be challenged in court, eventually going to the Supreme Court.

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I believe it is human nature to want to be speak freely.

The OIC will fail because our free speech is protected by the constitution.

Besides Americans tend to be challenging and belligerent when it comes to protecting our Bill of Rights.

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Obama and his administration are stealth jihadists. BO has welcomed with open arms the Muslim Brotherhood as advisers.
The purge the words that define our enemies, jihad, Muslim, Islam, Sharia etc.

Even defining the Fort Hood Jihad attack is called "workplace violence", not to mention all the other jihad attacks by devout Muslims, which at the very least should be prosecuted as "hate crimes", yet are ignored by the MSM and viewed as "extremists" and not representative of the actual teachings of Mohamed.

It seems to me that Islam is the ideology that has the most to loose with open dialogue and scrutiny.

The miscalculation here is the internet and free people who are use to thinking for themselves. People who are willing to read the actual Qur'an, Hadith and Sunnah and come to their own conclusions.

They may succeed in silencing free speech in Europe, but here in the USA???? Fat chance.

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There is no such thing as "radical Islam" there is only ISLAM.

The Jihad against all unbelievers is the primary focus of Islamic doctrine.

The problem is Islam wears the cloak of "religion" and is given protection under our laws.

It is time this "religion" like Shinto after WW2 is compelled to amend and purge the world domination teachings in order to be practiced here.

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Mohamed Yusef.

THAT is the man's name.

Islam is the problem

Know your enemy. isn't that what Sun Tzu said?