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What a way to spend that international aid money; for the rebuild?

Islams New Shock Troops; Shock and Awe... comparable to wonder but less joyous...

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should have used stickers instead...

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Extract the US forces back to Kuwait and Israel, pull the (jizyah) aid money... and watch the people of peace burn...

but PBoH BHO would never let that happen

glorious past and all, I hope islam is at the point of Jim Jones in 1978 expand rapidly or die... by your own miserable hand...

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Try this one on for size!

The Word No one should Utter without shame - Muslim

To tell you the truth, I favor using a euphemism for Muslim. Muslim should be a dirty word, not to be spoken openly or written in newspapers. It should only be used in private conversations in the same manner that f* and c*cks*cker and other filthy disgusting words...

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hate the cult too, np here!!!

don't want this shit and abuse west of the meridian...

At The Hundredth Meridian references

"...At the Hundredth meridian Where the great plains begin"

The one hundredth meridian is the line of longitude that separates much of Western Canada from the Central and Atlantic regions. The line also serves as a division between the moist and urban east and the arid and rural west. It has also come to provide a convenient political dividing line (sort of the Canadian equivalent to those familiar Blue and Red States) between the liberal leaning east and conservative leaning west.

maybe the place where the last stand begins?

5.56 x 500 a paycheck...


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May 12, 2009 22:51 | Updated May 13, 2009 13:41
Limits of interfaith

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This chap summed it up nice...

"Ok. So my neighbor harrasses my children. Day after day I have to see the fear in my children's eyes at the very thought of playing outside. So the neighbor says give me half your land and I will leave your children alone. Reluctantly but for my children I do so. He promptly hands it over to a serial killer who turns my once flourishing land into a desolate wasteland. And day after day attacks my children ruthlessly . So by your theory I should not only sit back and do nothing to help my children, but on top of that I should make sure that the neighbor who set him up is taken care of. Can't do it"
sparks - (05/12/2009 22:09)"

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Even with the use of accurate criticisms - and because we always strive to act with decorum and respect, will we ever make a profound change?

Will we create the temperment, or educate for the required change fast enough?

just my ongoing concern, beautiful rally though...

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can't get to page two, what's going on?

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In answer to Bertha and Maude...
Europe's Angry Muslims

a small excerpt, read the whole thing at the link


They are also dramatic instances of what could be called adversarial assimilation -- integration into the host country's adversarial culture. But this sort of anti-West westernization is illustrated more typically by another paradigmatic second-generation recruit: the upwardly mobile young adult, such as the university-educated Zacarias Moussaoui, the so-called 20th hijacker, or Omar Khyam, the computer student and soccer captain from Sussex, England, who dreamed of playing for his country but was detained in April 2004 for holding, with eight accomplices, half a ton of explosives aimed at London.
These downwardly mobile slum dwellers and upwardly mobile achievers replicate in western Europe the two social types that formed the base of Islamist movements in developing countries such as Algeria, Egypt, and Malaysia: the residents of shantytowns and the devout bourgeoisie. As in the September 11 attacks, the educated tend to form the leadership cadre, with the plebeians providing the muscle. No Chinese wall separates first-generation outsiders from second-generation insiders; indeed, the former typically find their recruits among the latter.

Al Qaeda's drives focus on the second generation. And if jihad recruiters sometimes find sympathetic ears underground, among gangs or in jails, today they are more likely to score at university campuses, prep schools, and even junior high schools.