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As someone who has taught a Western Civilization course for many years now, I can confirm the accuracy of your assessment, baseballmaven. All societies in multicultural, politically correct land (both MC and PC being entirely an invention of the Left; conservatism had nothing to do with either of these two pieces of nonsense) are worthy of praise except Western societies, which can be excoriated with impunity. The irony and tragedy of it all is that the West produced the single most creative, productive culture in the history of man. Among its other contributions are the invention of philosophy, democracy and the scientific method and the only civilization that never went static for any period of time, including the Early Middle Ages. Along with these achievements can be placed an artistic tradition second to none and the development of the most enlightened ethical system ever known to man, i.e., the Judeo-Christian code infused with ancient Greek notions as well bespeaking to the dignity and worth of the individual. Yet almost all this has been lost on many modern minds, too ignorant to notice greatness even when it's benefitting those who denigrate it.

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Muslim men are not real men at all. They're boys who have never grown up and who intend to treat women as inferiors forever, with a few assorted favors here and there dished out to keep the female sex complacent (and subordinate, even in the afterlife). Mohammed was the archetype here (and of so much else which is dysfunctional in Islam, like having sex with a nine-year old or loping off six hundred heads in an afternoon). Ah, when will it be that the world says enough to the great error which is Islam?

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Not a bad idea. Couldn't hurt Britain, that's for sure. Be kinda' fun to watch too. A Kodak moment par excellence.

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At this rate, if the Labour Party continues to engage in national suicide endeavors and the whitewasing of Islam, it is going to go the way of the old Liberal Party or perhaps not even that.

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Agreed, baseballmaven. Islam is the problem and CNN is the idiot.

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There are some things you can always count on where most reporting on Muslims is concerned. One of them is that excuses are regularly passed off as arguments in an effort to exculpate a religion and its followers, both of which are a tremendous drag on the human race. Islam is a tragedy through and through. It is a cult of the first dimension and has numerous deceptive defenders, including many who have deceived themselves.

The Islamic deity is not real or, in the alternative if it is, then this is a far creepier universe than many folks realize. Islam should be paid no respect. Mohammed should be paid no respect. Allah, even if this damn entity exists (I'd bet everything that it doesn't), should be paid no respect. The only good Islam is a dead Islam, one finally confined to the trash heap of history, just as Marxism and Nazism have been.

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Bassiouni struck out. Spencer has hit a homer. Typical of a Muslim though to say what is the case isn't the case. More Muslimthink. Nothing else to say except IntenseDebate really sucks.

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To the extent that he is shallow, then to that very extent it would be criminal ignorance, not nefarious design, that he is culpable of.

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Pathetic. Sad. I pity this poor young woman, still barely out of girlhood. It should also function as a call to millions to learn more about Islam, the most malevolent long-running cult in man's history. And shame again on Islam and all those who call themselves Muslim. How can one not despise this religion/cult founded by a most wicked man?

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What you wrote is sad but very true, gravenimage. Islam poisons everything, even the capacity for true friendship with one who believes differently from the Muslim. Perhaps a lesser kind of friendhship can exist but, as with everything else, Islam supercedes all. Interesting to reflect that a devout Muslim could not possibly say his best friend is a non-Muslim for then he would be violating his religion. What a tragedy Islam is.