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I remember the scene well and the context of it. For him to put aside his prejudices and put his life on the line to save a woman who screaming at him and trying to get away, even as she`s trapped in a burning car, showed incrdible heroism. He transcended whatever flaws and frustrations were governing him up to that point to do the right thing morally.

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I think the GOP needs to campaign on the basis that they are the party of ALL Americans. They should emphasize the fact that to the GOP does not see Asian-Americans, Afro-Americans, Native Americans, Hispanic Americans or even Gay Americans. They should emphasize that when they look across the United States of America, they do not look for diversity, but see people who are all united by the fact that they are ALL Americans, and want to live in a country that conforms to the ideals of the Founding Fathers.

Obviously this might offend some voters. But those voters are the ones that would vote Democrat anyway.

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LOL. Actually if the world had an enema, Helen Thomas is what would come out.

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Fair comment. Put that way, prejudice is a form of healthy skepticism. Assume something is dangerous until proven otherwise.

Prejudice is bad when it becomes cynicism - assuming something is always bad even when there is evidence to the contrary.

For example, My attitude toward Helen Thomas is still healthy skepticsim. She hasn`t yet proven that I am wrong in thinking that she is an unrepentent anti-semite.

The Mainstream media exercises cynicism about Sarah Palin and the Tea Party. Despite plenty of evidence to the contrary, they continue to deride both.

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Okay...sit still. I agree that "all races have their prejudices" is a better way to word my comment.

I guess I would define "racist tendencies" as "prejudices".

The reason I made the comment is because there is rarely an acknowledgement on the Left that there are non-whites who have prejudices or racist tendencies. Crash levelled the playing field by pointing out so many different levels of racial tension in society.

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HPD - very eloquent. That could almost be a Haiku. I speak with admiration, sir, because I would only be capable of a Limerick...

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Thanks. I grew up in a Conservative family. My parents left England when it got too socialist. My father was a staunch Conservative, who lived long enough to see our current Prime Minister elected, but passed away before he could see your current President make such a mockery of the position.

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"Due Diligence"?

That concept went out the window when Americans voted for the Big Owe. How else could such an inexperienced, unvetted individual with so many unknowns about his education and origins be elected?

It has continued with the mainstream media attacks on the Tea Party. Where is the proof of "racism" or even the slightest attempt to understand the use of the offensive term "teabagger".

It was made really explicit when Nancy Pelosi said that Congress would have to vote for the Deathcare Bill before they could know what was in it. She calls herself "democratic"? It's a Word that she clearly doesn't understand.

Keep up the great work Rep. Bachman!! You are one of many reasons for optimism in today's world.

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I appreciate the apology.

Sad to say, there are still way too many of my countrymen who still haven't see Obologize for what he really is. Of course, many of them are the same ones who were saying "Americans will never vote for a black" before he was elected, and "He'll be assassinated within a year" once he was. Needless to say, their grasp of reality can be a bit tenuous at times.

I blame it on the vast number of draft dodgers that moved here from the US in the 70s.

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It's all he's capable of doing. He was a Community Agitator.
(Agitator, organizer - same difference in Chicago.)