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Since when does the President have the power to mandate anyone pay for something to be given to someone else for free?

When a republican is elected next November the first thing he should do is mandate the democrat party pay for tickets and travel for young republicans to attend CPAC for free. At least the fight that would happen after that would illustrate that once this kind of stuff gets started, there is no controlling where it will end up.

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Sunday Morning - Kudos to the line crews! Don't forget Convington, we still don't have power in places.

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Of course the democrats would oppose this. How would all those democrat voters living in cemetaries around the country get a voter ID?

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This OWS crowd makes me long for the good ol' days when democrat voters only occupied cemetaries.

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Yeah, we should throw all the B@#$ters out, but what I predict will happen is that either this will fall by the wayside, or if the uproar is long and loud enough, the establishment will throw a republican or two under the bus, and if that doesn’t satisfy the pitchfork wielding voting masses they will pass some BS legislation call something like the “truth is legislation” act, which Dodd and Frank will claim fixes the problem when in reality it will further legitimize the practice. Their modes operandi is so predictable. The only answer is the ballot box. Just get rid of all of them and replace them with ordinary folks.

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It is sad, but I can't help but think that the White House is partly behind these demonstrations. I also think we will see stuff like this till the election next year, and the worse Obama is doing in the polls, the more violent these sorry sacks will get.

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I guess we are all seeing how a community organizer runs for re-election.

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What is sad is that even if he is voted out next Nov, he still has 15 months to continue to damage the country.

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I'm surprised Texas & states like Arizona have not responded in kind to the EPA and other federal bureaucracies and started slow rolling or denying building permits for federal buildings, citing code violation with fines, pulling over federal workers and ticketing them for not having litter bags in their federal vehicles etc. I'll bet there are a thousand ways a state government could make it virtually impossible for these bureaucracies to work in their state.

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The "Cool Hand Luke" economic plan. We'll all be digging' holes and filling them back in for our government bosses.