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You may not be comfortable, but it doesn't mean folks are any less angry about watching our Country turned in to a Socialist State.
I'm into peaceful means, but I can understand why others aren't.
"Fed Up" is leading to "Angry and Threatened" and when folks get there sometimes they strike.

Personally I'm marching on DC on the 4th of July, peacefully!

I greatly fear a "let them eat cake" moment. Obambi's already been flippant with "Those tea bag waving folks.." Can he top that insult to the VERY concerned American public..?

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angry at the Sun..
You should be on your knees that she's in Service, for your arrogant, ignorant words.
Remember what we have left of the first Amendment?

This country was made great by those of us willing to sacrifice life and limb.
It's the Land of the FREE... BECAUSE of the BRAVE not inspite of us

Hope you enjoy your fuffy little latte world!

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Actually a lot of "private" Insurance companies, that folks own policies with, cover up to 2 Million.. ya know how quick 2 million in healthcare costs goes... ?

I worked with a private Insurer and remember how hard they worked to get a kid, quadraplegic 16 year old, who smoked pot a few times, disqualified from coverage. Mom and dad both worked. They wanted to cut the kid off from 24 hr Nursing care, because he smoked pot a few times. He's 16..can't drive, can't date, can't joy ride in dad's car...can't WALK. I hate trampolines!
And for that, mom and dad ..should lose EVERY THING?. Needless to say I testified for the family!

And actually having studied marijuana for medicinal uses.. He should smoke pot, it works very well on muscular spasms, and doesn't take out your kidneys or liver.. if you eat it.. it doesn't mess with your lungs either.

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You don't.
There's a reason there's Conservative, Moderates and Liberals, because the focus is in different directions.
I'm not a Conservative, have some of those views, but not all. It's why I can't back the Republican party any more.

Oh I'm going to catch it for this.... LOL!

I don't want religion to be a focus of my party, Nor reproductive rights.
I think they're too "personal freedom" to be discussed at all. The reason I'm a Libertarian and not a Republican anymore.
We are a country of religious freedom, even if you're a Pagan, in my eyes. I view the term pagan in it's dictionary definition, or any other religion that isn't mono theistic. Religious Freedom FIRST, for me
(should I "dumb it down" for YOU, Aspade, yeah you're still irritating me!))
I know there's a lot of pro-life folks on here. But I'll throw out my "moderate" view out anyhow.
I worked NeoNatal Intensive Care, it can be a really ugly place because there's nothing like a blind, drug addicted baby screaming to make you wish they had been aborted! Those babies have a very specific withdrawal scream. As soon as an infant takes that first breath.. You can tell mommy hadn't given up dope for her pregnancy.
Also Fetal Alcohol Syndrome is a special nightmare in itself. You can spot those kids by the facial deformities, and retardation. It's obvious, at their birth, mommy tipped the bottle too much!

For me it's not "when" life begins...It's what do you have to offer a child once it's here?
9 months of Crack in Utero? then what? They aren't forced to give up those kids to adoption.
Charles Manson is my favorite poster child for abortion rights. Drug addicted hookers getting paid to raise kids, and folks wonder what's wrong with our Country.
I think drug testing for Fed's about time. And if mommy's addicted get the kids OUT

We had a gal once, offed 3 of her own kids and got pregnant while in a Prison for the Criminally Insane.
Writing that makes me wonder how psychotic would the kid have been? Some brain issues are genetic. There was a Court Order against her having a child.. period!

I wish the pro life focus was more on getting unwanted children in to healthy happy loving households, then just stopping abortion.
May be some day they'll know how to do Uterus transplants, or embryo transplants from one uterus to another. oh no..lmao that could be doable some day soon... but not if we Nationalize healthcare.

Now you pro life folks.. don't come after me.
I also happen to have had an unwanted pregnancy when I was 23.
I hired a Lawyer, found his parents, after interviewing 15 couples out of a stack of 150 who met my basic qualifications, income, marriage length, previous attempts at pregnancy, religion...etc.
It was an open adoption and I stayed away. My oldest daughter began looking for him when he turned 18.
He and I chat online weekly now.
I called after his mother died, he I lived less than an hour and a half away most of his life and watched from a distance. Thank God I got the answering machine, and didn't leave a message. He was early teens was hard! He's a newly Graduated College Biology Major, working as a Chemist at 23.
He's taking a break before Med School and also to see how that will fair in the "new " future of Nationalized healthcare.

So I think the Pro Life focus should be on the ones that are here!

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you are really getting annoying. I'm beginning to think living here is your entire existence.
Can't you find something else to do with your life?
Seeing you post and post and you really think that highly of yourself?
Or that we care about the drivel coming out of your mouth..
Or do I need to "dumb it down" for you ...

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thank you for posting this.. post it everywhere!

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I'm a retired RN. There's lots of problems in the healthcare system.

And MIDDLE income America is the one being $crewed, not low income. They can't access medical care, but they get taxed for it!

I was in So Cal so I have to use my experiences there.
If you're homeless there's a plan for that, if you have nothing there's a plan for that, if you sit home and make babies as a profession there's a plan for that, if you jump the border with a baby that needs a double lung transplant and a cool MIL for the next year of life.. well there's a plan for that too.

Yet if you lose your job and have a pre-existing condition.. Well frickin' good luck getting insured by ANYONE! You had better plan on giving away everything you own. So you can qualify for Medically Indigent.
Actually the same thing is true if you retire and have Cobra for awhile.. GOOD LUCK finding insurance if you have pre-existing...

Oh and trust me lack of money.. DOESN'T dictate lack of quality care. I know I worked at a County Trauma Center. I also had Kaiser.. and would have rather used the top notch guys/gals at MY hospital. I had a friend with pancreatic cancer, he would have been better for longer if he had been at my facility, and that's a fact.

I don't have all the answers for this, but if we go to Canada's or England's system.. we'll all be $crewed!

"low income families can't see them or afford their costs".. You are flat out wrong! I was on the inside.
Actually I worked the HIV/AIDS clinic for awhile too. We spent 2 days a week at various jail and prisons.
Can you guess... How many Junkie Hookers, in jail, get $40K a month in top notch Anti Viral drugs?..
C'mon guess..!
And folks wonder why CA is broke LOL! I wonder how many illegal aliens they've provided Medical care for in a year.. I'd bet it's a HUGE number!

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this is the link

I will be there with an RV.. I guess I need to invest in a CB LOL!
I know there's a few bikers on here who were planning too.

Here's a good calendar spot for info..

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this one is good too