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"And there aren't even movie scripts like that; so I find it hard to believe"........ So now Hollywood Scriptwriters are the Benchmark for Truth...? Jesus, Mary & Joseph....! Al Gore is so Desperate he has now sunken to the Level of a Used Car Salesman..... And I don't mean to offend Used Car Salesmen.... Maybe he would have some credibility if he Divested himself from Profiting from this Farce.... But then if he did he would not be wasting his time talking about it.....

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Curious to see what other people think of this Scenario.

Imagine if a Nationwide poll was conducted with just this one question:

Would you be in favor or support the U.S. Military taking control of our Government, Investigating those members of our Government that are attempting to Destroy our Constitutional Republic, Holding Tribunals for the Public to see, Charging those found guilty with Treason and Safeguarding new Elections for those that need to be Replaced?

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I like the Flag. Where I live we have a lot of them flying over graves. I have become more aware of them ever since trouble started with expanding Government. I have the ability to stop and visit them as my job allows for lots of travel now and a non-binding schedule. Standing in those grave yards and reading the names really brings it all back to the reality of today.

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I was wondering where everyone went. Just found out about this NEW site. Feels good to be back.

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Everyone needs to be very aware of what is developing with these "Town Hall Meetings". This is a perfect opportunity for the Progressives to "Stage a Revolt" that will play into their hands. If Obama's call for followers comes to pass and they "Bring a Gun to a Knife Fight" like BO bragged about this could get real bad real fast. He is on the record urging his followers to "Get in the faces of Opposition". If not handled correctly this could result in a "Quasi" Marshal Law being enacted by Homeland Security.

I know we all want to protect our liberties and are all willing to fight for them.

We all need to be careful.

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Hey StM,

Army Ammo Plant Closing in South Mississippi (Stennis Space Center).

Facility turned over to NASA and to be used by Various Government Agencies.

WIN Job Center - 50 people needed ASAP for undisclosed employer at Army Ammo Plant. Employer to produce (1) Plastic Bullets...(2) Exploding Pen's.

Question. Who would need "Mass Produced Exploding Pen's"?
Question. What would they be used for?
Question. Who would need mass produced plastic bullet's?
Question. What will they be used for?

This sounds to crazy to be true...... but it is.

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You are more on track than you think. The time table has been set and the clock started ticking when the Cap & Tax was set aside until this fall. Now he has Universal Health and Cap & Tax to try and ram rod through this Fall. The planners are planning and you can take it to the bank that there is going to be "One Hell of a Crisis" by the end of this Summer. Be it "Racial" or some "Other" concoction that they dream can all consider yourselves warned as to how little time you have before our cities start resembling Paris.

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Before one can engage in social engineering, one must have reliable information about the society that is to be engineered, and one must have effective tools to carry out the engineering. Both of these only became available relatively recently - roughly within the past one hundred years. The development of social science made it possible to gather and analyze information about social attitudes and trends, which is necessary in order to judge the initial state of society before an engineering attempt and the success or failure of that attempt after it has been implemented. At the same time, the development of modern communications technology and the media provided the tools through which social engineering could be carried out.

While social engineering can be carried out by any organization - whether large or small, public or private - the most comprehensive (and often the most effective) campaigns of social engineering are those initiated by powerful central governments.

Extremely intensive social engineering campaigns occurred in countries with authoritarian governments. In the 1920s, the government of the Soviet Union embarked on a campaign to fundamentally alter the behavior and ideals of Soviet citizens, to replace the old social frameworks of Tsarist Russia with a new Soviet culture, to create the New Soviet man. The Soviets used newspapers, books, film, mass relocations, and even architectural design tactics to serve as "social condenser" and change personal values and private relationships. Similar examples are the Chinese "Great Leap Forward" and "Cultural Revolution" program and the Khmer Rouge's plan of de-urbanization of Cambodia. In Singapore, the government's housing policies attempt to promote a mix of all races within each subsidized housing district in order to foster social cohesion and national loyalty while providing the citizens with affordable housing.[citation needed]

Non-authoritarian regimes tend to rely on more sustained social engineering campaigns that create more gradual, but ultimately as far-reaching, change. Examples include the "War on Drugs" in the United States, the increasing reach of intellectual property rights and copyright, and the promotion of elections as a political tool. The campaign for promoting elections, which is by far the most successful of the three examples, has been in place for over two centuries.

Social theorists of the Frankfurt School in Weimar Germany like Theodor Adorno had also observed the new phenomenon of mass culture and commented on its new manipulative power, when the rise of the Nazis drove them out of the country around 1930 (many of them became connected with the Institute for Social Research in the United States). The Nazis themselves were no strangers to the idea of influencing political attitudes and re-defining personal relationships. The Nazi propaganda machine under Joseph Goebbels was a synchronized, sophisticated and effective tool for creating public opinion.

NOW...Look at how the U.S. Military is structured....Rank & File....Officer Corps. and Enlisted......Base Housing for Military Families.....This is what the future of Main Stream America will be unless we take back control of our Government.

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In regards to Israel.....

I will be on the first plane to help defend this nation if Israel has to go it alone with Iran.

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This may offend some but here goes.

I have to disagree with Glenn Beck in regards to his "Crash Landing" analogy. Our country does not need to divert into the forest and miss the mountain; we need to plow into that mountain at full throttle. Give the rotten Dem's all the rope they need so they will hang themselves in front of their own constituency. Our country needs to bleed out the sick, lame and lazy who think Obama has all their answers. When they see where he has taken them then we can begin to take our country back. will be in shambles......but it will be ours to rebuild with no more Progressive interference.

Sorry if this offends.....But I really don't see any other way to save our country.