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interesting - seems that everyone who has posted positively about the product has actually used it, while those posing negatively never have... hmmm

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Wow - glad to see you found your thesaurus... I am so very impressed now - though I notice your entire diatribe was directed at my calling you psuedo-intellectual, while never addressing the fact you have neither tried the product yourself nor have asked folks who have what it has done for them.

So for you it is not good enough that people feel they have been helped. Not good enough that it is not your money the are spending nor your body they are putting the product in - in short it is none of your business - no you must go on a big-worded crusade to denigrate something you have no knowledge of simply to make yourself feel important.

That's ok - the only one fooled by your pratter is yourself - and so if typing offensive words from behind the safety of your keyboard is what it takes to make you feel better - go for it - probably your only hope since to my knowledge there is not an herbal or pharmaceutical cure for ignorance .

For those who understand the benefits of herbs, the last thing they need is a self-important blogger to give them assurances their own experience have already provided.

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nor have your psuedo-intellectual vulgar invectives proven it does not do anything useful.

Seems to me the proof is in the using, not in the petri dish. And as you have not used it, nor to my knowledge interviewed anyone who has, then your "opinion" is simply that - opinion based on no personal experience - and you should claim it as such.

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nice language - really helps make you convince folks that you are educated and reasonable.

So the "proper scientific study" you mention - is this the same fine research that said for years that formula was better than breast milk? That Babies should sleep on their back..no their side...no wait their stomach...

If we are intellectually honest (apparently an issue for you) we admit that the more we discover, the more we discover we do not know. Even today I am hearing cmmercials for big drugs where the announcer says (after the long list of side effects) that the drug "IS THOUGHT TO WORK BY"... so the truth is these fine scientists have no idea WHY the drug has the effect it does.. it just "seems" to work...gee, sorta like herbs...

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So folks whose cholesterol has dropped by 50 points using the product - with no other changes in lifestyle and no use of your preferred lab-tested statin drugs must be delusional right?

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it doesn't "count as evidence" because it disagrees with you. Here's a novel thought for all of you highly intellectual individuals - if you don' t think it is worth using, don't buy it! But don't run about waving your hands like chicken little demanding the government make EVERYONE stop taking it based on "expert" testimony from fools who have ever even used the product.

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This is the applicable text of general statute 14-288.12:
"(b) The ordinances authorized by this section may permit prohibitions and restrictions:

(1) Of movements of people in public places;
(2) Of the operation of offices, business establishments, and other places to or from which people may travel
or at which they may congregate;
(3) Upon the possession, transportation, sale, purchase, and consumption of alcoholic beverages;
(4) Upon the possession, transportation, sale, purchase, storage, and use of dangerous weapons and
substances, and gasoline; and
(5) Upon other activities or conditions the control of which may be reasonably necessary to maintain order and
protect lives or property during the state of emergency.
The ordinances may delegate to the mayor of the municipality the authority to determine and proclaim the
existence of a state of emergency, and to impose those authorized prohibitions and restrictions appropriate at a
particular time."

Seems to me there are a few problems with an ordinance this broadly written -
1- there is no definition of what constitutes an "Emergency" - so if a mayor determines there are too many stray kittens loose in the city he can impose the restrictions outlined in this ordinance.

2 - there is no provision for compensation to citizens and businesses harmed by the misuse of this authority.

3 - In my opinion, and the opinion of the Constitution of he United States as I understand it, there ought be no "emergency" whose nature is such that it ought deprive law abiding citizens from being armed. In fact, if Katrina taught us anything, it is that a well-armed and determined citizenry is the best deterrent to looters and other types of civil unrest. Compare New Orleans to what happened in Mississippi (equally devastated by the storm, but no looting or pillaging - because it was made known that people were going to protect their property.)

It is time for a change in Raleigh.

Rick Smith

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I think we counter it by embracing it - we are the party of No, no more taxes, no more spending.. maybe a sign that reads - "Yes, we said NO - SOMEBODY had to be the grown up!"

We need to start now as the party of Whoa!

We have seen their future and the result of their "progressive" thinking - it was called "the Third Reich"

we need to become the party of "Not just no - but He** No!"

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interesting that for not trickling down, there sure were a lot of millionaires made throughout the 80s and 90s.

tell me, how do you plan to both "keep Government out" AND "see that is trickled down to the real worker bees" (and I won't even go into the wealth envy displayed by the assertion that CEOs and such are not "real" workers.

It would take government to "regulate" to ensure proper trickle... don't know about you but i have had about all of the Government regulating I can handle.

Obama is making Capone look like a boy scout.

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So we have been wrong to call him osama - we should be calling him Barako Obmalini.

Excellent post!