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Labour's disastrous policy is not only radicalising a whole new generation of Muslims as a result of this endemic and progressive radicalisation process is a growing understanding, within the indiginous population of England, of the true threat of the poison of mo, the pig f*cker, and her followers. England is rising, aliens beware!

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I don't want to bring race into this but can somebody please explain to these idiots who govern us that I as a good white Judeo-Christianboy from West Berkshire have absolutely nothing of "common values" with a black man from Somalia or an Muslim from Pakistan. I would like to remain living in a community with people who have the same common values that I have. Therefore I suggest that the Marxists in Westminster stop forcing other peoples values upon me in the hope that I will aquiesse and bow down to their failed ideal of multiculturism because I won't and am willing to defend to the death my right as protected by The Bill of Rights 1683.

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Why let the facts get in the way of "religous" fever.

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islam is a well known production line of world class scientists. 3 Noble Prize winners to date and counting. Not too bad for 18% of the worlds population.

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What does a potato with cancer actually look like? I am going shopping later and would hate to derive moooslims of their just rewards.

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And eventually ,when emboldened, he will eat the hand that feeds him.

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Help me out here but if enough people join the "extremist" side of the arrguement then surely the anti - extremist becomes the extremist as the "extremist" will have become the norm?

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You and I have had a misunderstanding in the past but I salute you, Sir and am prepared to stand shoulder -to- shoulder with you in defence of all that is good about the UK.

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Best paid postman on the planet!

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Bring back the gibbet and string him up!