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In all likelihood - I fail to see how even liberal academics would find the term "jihad" an offensive description. Obama is either extremely stupid or extremely dishonest. I suspect the later is more accurate. I doubt even Hillary or Al Gore would stoop to such newspeak.

Fortunately, I and millions of other Americans will try to vote The Loser out in 2012.

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I seem to remember a story about Arafat that reminded me of his moral character. A young boy lost his father to Palestinian terrorists. After the funeral, Arafat placed a gun into the boy's hands and told him that Israel had killed the father and the boy should fight to destroy it.

Does the death cult ever stop?

Is there anything about the religion of the Palestinians that is not completely revolting from a moral point of view? Death, death, death. Not an ounce of respect for life.

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Sorry Fatah. The Obama administration may have granted you 900 million this year of American tax money to cover your budget shortfall, but I assure you Americans will vote out The Moron in 2012 and replace him with someone who has a grasp of international politics and an ounce of self-respect for our country.

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LOL I was thinking the same thing. C'mon, Obama - you've made it your Presidency's goal to "fight negative stereotypes" about Muslims - so how about campaigning for your Shariah loving friends in Kenya? P.S. The ensuing stoning / beheading victims, ethnic clashes, mass deaths, suicide bombs, crumbling infrastructure, public flagellation, rape victims, honor killings, and anti-intellectualism and are all on you.

Do you think Obama "gets" that Shariah law is oppressive to non-Muslims or does he just wear rose-colored spectacles when addressing Islamic countries? Either way he supports it - ignorance is no excuse.

I would also consider Kenya to be a dump regardless of their religious affiliation. Last year over 100 people, usually the old, were burned alive by mobs as "witches." Superstition and tribalism seem to have a firm grasp in that region of the world.

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I also agree with you that circumcision is unnecessary and undesirable for males and females. In females, however, all of the nerves are concentrated in the clitoris so FGM is far worse than male circumcision, comparable to severing the penis.

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How sad. The right to pleasure and orgasm is a birthright for all human cut out the clitoris destroys that ability in women....I compare FGM to foot binding: it mutilates a natural gift, impairs it at the expense of health and future enjoyment. There is nothing moderate or justifiable about such a practice. It is simply pure hell, inflicted on half the population for the egos of the other half.

It's hard to believe that there are still people in the world who demand that sort of mutilation against females, in the name of religion or culture. I shouldn't be surprised that Islam in Egypt and Indonesia condones the behavior. I know I can expect immoral behavior from that faith and still the reality will be more brutal than what I imagine.

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Oh, goody. No room for democracy but we non-believers can live as slaves or second-class citizens under Muslim supremacists !

No thanks. Never, not a chance in hell. I believe that Americans carry guns to prevent tyranny from advancing, from government or any extrinsic source.

Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness for me....

In fact, one of the mottos of the original 13 colonies was "Death to tyrants." Patrick Henry, a famous patriot, once said "Give me liberty, or give me death." We Americans do take our freedoms seriously and we will not be overrun by some Islamic morons anytime soon.

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I guess they have trouble recruiting non-Muslims to Islam if they won't even allow a Quran to touch "infidel" hands without morphing into murderers. In any case, the violent behaviors promoted by Islamic purists speak volumes.

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No, I just don't feel like wasting my time with you, or anyone with sympathy for jihadists. As I said - begone.

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Alright, I respect your opinion - I'm don't like the racism either. But it seems that the BNP is the only party to reject the multiculturalism that is threatening the preservation of British values - namely what you described about individual freedom, capitalism, etc.

I checked out the BNP website a couple of days ago. Being American, I am not very familiar on their policies - but I was very happy to see that they are in favor of rescinding all restrictions against freedom of speech that have been enacted in the name of PC, and they are rightly concerned about mass immigration from third world, largely Islamic countries. I can see value in those BNP platforms and I wish other parties would adopt them - without the racial tenor. In my view NuLabour is doing far worse for the country than the BNP would.