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That's super nice, thank you! I'm actually a brand new writer in my first month of a writing fellowship, and this is the first thing I've written that provoked this much outrage. I knew that being a woman writing on the internet would lead to some harassment, but I naively did not think that stating historical facts about someone who's been dead for hundreds of years would lead to quite so much anger. Live and learn!

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Oh! I also got one that said, "Get a real job Grady!" which kind of delights me with its charming retro-ness.

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So many people are so Wrong:

"Hemings would have been a fool not to choose Jefferson." (That's nice, but she wasn't given the option to choose? Because she was a child that he literally owned? That's how that works?)

"you r dead wrong, the people who did the DNA study retracted. TJ didn't father the children.Your facile article is despicabl" (Speaks for itself, I think.)

"Very reductionist view of Jefferson and Hemings. You might want to admit you're not a U.S. historian." (I am not, in fact!)

I also blocked a few people who were getting creepy so I can't see the tweets anymore, but it was something along the lines of, "You look pretty good for someone who was around in the 18th century to see Jefferson rape Hemmings." And I also got a bunch of men trying to contact me on Facebook messenger, offering to show me the error of my ways and teach me history.

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The Toast linked to something I wrote I can die happy!

Anyway, I wrote that Vox piece on the Jefferson book, and if anyone wants to see the creepiest tweets I've gotten about it I am ready and willing to share.

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Huh. I'm kind of at a loss for anything to say except, "No, that is factually inaccurate"? Because every single named character except for George III is played by a person of color. There are some white actors in the chorus, but that's really it.

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Yes, I had the same reaction. The problem with what Alan is doing is that he's being rude and threatening; it would be just as rude and threatening if someone the writer knew emailed him out of the blue to say "read this incoherent thing I wrote about Shakespeare and anoint me the next big thing, or else." It's fine to say, "No, stop being weird and sending me vague threats, I am a busy person with a life and professional responsibilities that do not revolve around you." But saying, "No, because my friends are better than you" feels like it's . . . missing the point? Like he's congratulating himself on the insularity of his friend group instead of addressing the entitlement of this random?

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Seconding this! And if you're on twitter, follow @bookjobs, which syndicates all the job listings on Publisher's Marketplace.

Publishing's a rough gig, but it's not impossible. And if you're into editing, think about whether or not agenting might be the job for you: agents do a lot of editing, and since there are tons of literary agencies of varying sizes around the country, in my experience it's easier to get an internship at an agency than it is at a press. (Although, again, don't count on getting paid for it.)

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I know it's a cliche but I'd totally go there with Shakespeare, even if it was just for the story. Plus Venus and Adonis is hot.

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Yeah, and they get super drunk while it happens. Kid me found that part incredibly boring but adult me thinks it hilarious.