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Socrates? Plato? Morons!

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The thing is, back when Barry and Hills (where I found my thrills) were busy steering a middle course on Libya, the wingtards (led by Panamanian strong man Generalissimo Juan McCain) were all jumping up and down and screaming that we should invade immediately

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So, the great question of our time, the question historians will be forced to grapple with, is "Was George W. Bush a) an evil, corrupt, liar and warmonger, b) dumber than a carrot or c) both." I'm sure this question could be answered by a couple of hours in front of an aggressive prosecuting attorney.

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Thou shalt not torture dogs.

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I did not say that watching Fox News makes you retarded - just that they are temporally related -- I did not allege causation.

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"the course and resolution of the Great Depression, and the development of and victory in the Cold War" in other words, they don't want to teach anything good about FDR, or anything bad about Reagan.

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Pink Floyd. We don't need no vaccinations, we don't need disease control, we've got Jesus, for a doctor, HEY! OBAMA! leave those kids alone!

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Donald Trump is no Eddie Albert.

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How Alan Grayson can continue to uphold his maverick-of-the-left reputation and ride out this scandal: Hook up with somebody who's way younger, smoking hot, and loves talking with journalists.
You're welcome.

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Does Huckleshmuckle have an example of these unwholesome lyrics? Because, as far as the gyratin' on stage part, I like that bit.