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No, it's just that there are so many drama queens in the world that many schizophrenics are bound to be drama queens also.

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What, no explanation of how Obama faked the moon landings? Amateur.

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Monty Python has a song about Jeff Sessions: "He robs from the poor, and gives to the rich. Stupid bitch!"

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Needs more info about how the failure of the conspiracy was actually Obama's fault. Or maybe the existence of the conspiracy in the first place was Obama's fault. Or maybe both, because Obama is just that much of an evil genius, even though he's simultaneously the most incompetent president in history. Or so Ghost Breitbart would have us believe.

Me, I think it was all Joe Biden.

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I love asking them this question: The UN couldn't even take over Somalia, so how the hell are they supposed to be able to take over the US?

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When Orly Taitz jumps the shark, she jumps all the way over the shark.

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It's always "anti-Christian bias" whenever you're not totally biased in favor of Christians. Didn't you know?

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Hell, yes. You ever seen UNC-Asheville? Hippie central, I'm telling you.

Probably why I like it so much.

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Alternate title for this post: "Wingnuts Furious: Reality"

That title also works for about half the posts on Wonkette.

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The only solution to this terrible problem, obviously, is to make it illegal for people not to have guns. Because of freedom.