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That is exactly the way I feel- I'm on Islamic overload. My circuits are all starting to be busy- does not compute any longer. It's like having somebody in a turban following you around with a rotten fish and shoving it under your nose every second. Like bad children screaming for attention. Enough already- you are so right.

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NO more appeasment of our enemies- and especially no building of that Ground Zero Mask (not Mosque- but a mask for their real intentions).
NO more of accepting Obama's lies- call him out for the economic destroyer that he really is.
NO more being duped by the Dem's as they run scared to the center, jumping ship like rats to get re-elected. We know where their loyalties really lie.
NO more loss of freedoms, especially to the pro-Sharia conspirators busy chipping away at our way of life as we speak.
NO to the monstrous Healthcare Law- Obamacare must be repealed or at least de-funded by the new Congress.
NO to open borders and illegal immigration.
NO to giving in to the Dem's and the MSM's lies about them, if the conservatives win as projected. They must hold fast to their promises, as we hold their feet to the fire.

God still bless us, and help us turn back to You and to our founding principles.

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Yesterday, I watched Fox News for hours as they again covered the painful series of homicidal events of 9-11. It was as if I was transported back in time, my heart frozen as I watched the planes hit again, and again.... Then, I went to YouTube to remind myself even more of why I am so angry as an American patriot. And that we can never forget what they did to us. And why now, it is very important that the Republican Party be exactly what they call us- the Party of "No!"

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I'll bring the pork hot dogs.

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The look on her face is more like "Suckers..."

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John, you say it was "Dull, Convoluted, Racist, and Anti-American." And you had to go watch it to figure that out lol?

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Figures. By giving them these tax breaks the irony is; of course, that NY is being Sharia compliant. The barbarians are not only at the gate, they're completely through it and waiting to slit our throats, with our officials' full approval.

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"This will probably be McCain's last time he will face the voters,..........."

We can only hope. And I hope that this mental lapse amongst Arizonans is not indicative of the rest of the voters nationwide. November is almost here, and this victory of Mccain's worries me. We desperately need new blood like Rubio if we hope to turn this nation back around.

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Seems like there are busybodies in every sphere of life- malicious, troublesome individuals who aggravate everyone in different areas of society. These hags just happen to be active at the Federal level. As you sow, you reap, and their day is going to come soon, somehow some way. Hopefully they will be marginalized and ridiculed out of existence, just like the dinosaur media is becoming more and more impotent.

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To anyone who loves action flicks and hasn't seen this- you need to go! It was great, plenty of butt-kicking fun. I hope they make a sequel. And kudos to Sly for his comment. He's right-on.