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Speaking of Sick-os, this guy is really sick..It doesn't surprise me that Hillary and Obumble support him...There are a bunch of Sick-os in that White House including the anointed one!

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That picture of Obumble is scarey...He looks completely evil in it.......

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You know where Obumble should grow some algae...rofl........

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I used to like O'Reilly.....Now I feel O'Reilly is just for O'Reilly...He's looking for another interview with Obumble, that's why he won't put the blame on him...Very rarely does he say anything against Obumble....I guess he's trying to prove he's "fair and balanced".....I can't stand him anymore, and came to the conclusion, any one of the show hosts that had O'Reillys time slot would do just as good if not better.....

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I'm wondering if Obumble and the rest of his apologists will have every soldier stationed in Afghanistan stand on a stage and apologize one by one to the Afghanistan people?....I know this is a bit far-fetched, but hey, who thought we'd have a Muslim Commie in the White House?...Three years ago, we would have said that was far-fetched too!! This a-hole has weakened us in every way he can...I just can't understand why so many people can't see it, and I don't understand why there is no way he could be stopped...Seems like he comes up with new crap every day...Where are the other politicians, the courts, conservative organizations???.....We're hearing he's collecting money out of his wazoo, and yet we aren't hearing much about the other side getting huge donations....(I know that guy in Las Vegas gave quite a bit to Newt, but where are the other big donors???..It's getting scarey out there!)

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I remember when David Brock was a Conservative, he declared himself to be gay, and all of a sudden became a left wing wacko nut case.....Andrew Sullivan was real Conservative at one time...He "came out", and he turned leftie too...He didn't quite get as fanatical as Brock though....I have no proof, but I do think there are a lot of gay people in the media, and that's why they back the Demon-rats, and are willing to do anything to advance their causes..

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This is par for the course, the left has always embraced the "kooks".....

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I just want to know, why they keep letting these fanatics into our country...They have no idea how to distinguish who a terrorist might end up to be, so in mho, they should keep all muslims out.....

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I wish all Americans loved and respected our country as much as this Brit seems to....He's great!

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I agree......