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More status quo from what was touted to be "the most transparent administration in history". Holder is using this self-inflicted, and hyped up SNAFU in an attempt to tighten gun laws. Seems to me it wasn't fire arms sales persons that provided these guns to the Mexican catels....hmmmmm.

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It was an amazing time in Germany. I was stationed in Germany from 1990-1993 and saw the reunification. One of the most crazy things to witness was the scores of East Germans coming into the former West Germany and the crazy things they purchased. After years of suffering crippling economic conditions, politcal oppression, restriction of personal freedoms, etc., what did they buy? Things like inflatable palm trees, and loads of McDonalds. Democracy 1, Communism 0.

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While admittedly humorous and relevant, it does conjur up images that beat a Wes Craven or Steven King film.

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There is a Greyhound bus, with snow tires on it, and a DNC bumper sticker on the back end that has a dent in the front bumper suspiciously similar to the gray boxer photo cirulating the internet. The Dems have realized that Weiner is a liability. Imagine the ethical dilemma that created to finally move them to action, but they have determined his career in congress is unsustainable and he's been identified as a wheel chock for the congressional shuttle service. That's a good thing, couldn't happen to a nicer guy.

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Or Vos water, or Jamba juice. Aren't liberals a riot?

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Sausage (proper Texas sausage), brisket, venison backstrap. Then, have a few bunches of grilled asparagus for the locals. Charge $1 a plate for the meat, and $25 a plate for the vegan option. Hmmm, let me see how much vacation time I have. We may have to put together a Texas Goodwill ambassador road trip...

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I love the hypocrisy of the left. Always insisting those bad, evil corporations are holding the American people hostage, while turning a blind eye to the unions that extort the same with not so much as a mention.

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A prime example is the ongoing TSA debacle. While stationed overseas, and travelling with a red, official passport and active duty military ID, I was rountinely singled out for the enhanced searches. The spectrograph sniffer, etc. Meanwhile, a guy with an RPG sticking out of his carry on bag could have strolled right through the checkpoint. I think a common sense approach to screening would be more effective. Like it or not, there is something to the notion of profiling. A person with a student visa making repeated trips between the US, Yemen, Pakistan, etc. is probably someone you want to give a bit more scrutiny to than a then active duty Soldier going back to the US from Europe.

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Odds makers are now saying the prospects of a resignation are skyrocketing. I think the calls for an ethics investigation are part of a larger effort, albeit a passive-aggressive one, to pressure Weiner to resign. I agree whole-hearted with Mr. Doakes, there are more important things to worry about. Very few American people were aware that five U.S. servicemen were killed in action on the same day.

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Okay, it is their right to dance in public if they want to. What I cannot figure out, is what these people hope to gain. I know Madea is nothing but an attention seeking loon, but a "dance-in"?, really? What never fails to amaze me is the loud mouthed, poor, oppressed collegiate liberals. Looks like a bad out take of Rick Mayall's character from The Young Ones, or the peasants in Monty Python's Holy Grail. "Help!!! I am being oppressed!!"