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While we're explaining things, could someone elaborate on this for me? I'm not sure I quite follow the connection.

"And the fantasy of telekinesis, especially, seems very prominent in 60s genre fiction, which makes sense when you think about what was going on politically at the time."

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Oh man, I haven't allowed myself to buy Inquisition because the semester isn't over yet and I have no self control, but I am looking forward to it A LOT.

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A man attempts to violently murder you. You accidentally kill him in completely justifiable self defense. You move heaven and earth to hide this fact from the proper authorities because you live in a dystopian nightmare police state in which killing is always punishable by death, no matter the context or circumstance.

You do not succeed.

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It is.

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this is an absolutely tremendous title.

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Truly, the moral depravity of these cannibals was only matched by their ignorance of proper meat processing techniques.

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*winks, does the pointy finger guns thing*

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haha I love how this asshole just went SILENT as soon as you said this.

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A TK/Kari digimon fic cause I was PRETTY UPSET they didn't end up married in the finale. It was predictably awful. I try not to think about it.

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as soon as I saw the name porpentine I LEPT into this thread to say exactly what you said about ultra business tycoon III. IT'S ALL TRUE, 100%.

also, if you don't follow her on twitter, you really, REALLY should. I present to you the single greatest tweet that human civilization has ever or will ever produce: https://twitter.com/aliendovecote/status/39678015...