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Sorry I've been away! I am having trouble doing all of the social medias and blogs! anyway, this Madame Clairvoyant does a good job of addressing how I'm doing this week:

"Listen: You don’t always have to turn sorrow into sunlight. You don’t need to find magic in every long day. If you feel constrained this week, if you feel hemmed in, remember you’re allowed your bad feelings, your anger, your frustration. There are things in life worth apologizing for, but not this. You’re full enough of life and energy; you don’t need to channel every emotion into something good. There’s such a wide messy range of ways to be human. Sometimes, it’s enough just to feel."

The weather has been overcast where I am, I'm feeling a bit mentally exhausted, and my period just started. Overall: BLAH.

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SIlver Spoon and Princess Jellyfish are some very fluffy, warm, and endearing "slice of life" animes that you might like! Thy're basically coming of age stories where the protagonist makes or has a bunch of friends, gets into some light hearted hijinks, and has a good time.

There are no mechas, magic, or any of the other genre bits that's usually associated with anime. (However, if you're cool with that stuff and are familiar with those tropes, then check out Samural Flamenco, which is HILARIOUS and ABSURD. Also there is some great bro-tastic friendship in there too.)

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How do you feel about... anime? Specifically on Netflix, although you could probably find it on crunchyroll or possibly Hulu?

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Ahhhh I love these!

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YES! I was so excited to see a KKGG gif!

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Manka! I wanted to come by and say Hi, but I wasn't expecting that one of the first posts I'd read would hit me in all of the Feels. I won't go into my own Feels just yet (still sorting through them) but I wanted to thank you for making this website for all of us, even though I know starting new things can be unsettling and draining.

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Thank you so much for writing this. I felt like I was holding my breath the entire time, and now I really want the listing in the Green Book for where I currently live, and for future travel. My husband and I do a lot of travelling these days, particularly to National Parks, which are usually in remote place. We're love these places, but we're always aware that we're often the only POC in some of these spaces, and I usually find that in the back of my mind I'm always wary of how we're being treated, relative to white visitors. It's a little disquieting to be reminded that this is how it's been for a long time in this country (and hopefully it'll cease in future years), but reassuring to be reminded that Black folks have always pushed back and worked around it.

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What about a mug?

::sighing about the impending closure::