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Amen Hud and Val.

There are two things in life I thought weren't going to happen. I found a woman I could marry. And I found religion again.

The former is case of life being too short to not make that kind of commitment to the treasure in my life. The latter? How can I not embrace more greatly something my enemy couldn't despise more.

Our lives are in God's hands. And it never felt better.

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I still can't get over it. The pain runs deeps.

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Raw AB. Sometimes you must put the King's English on the shelf and start throwing F-Bombs. The left and their over-educated cranial puss is immune to rationality.

Sledgehammers! are my weapon of choice. AB is in me.

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Baited breath

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GOP distance themselves from Rush? I agree. I want the GOP to distance themselves not only from Rush but from me even more.

Will the GOP find refuge in Death Valley please? Good riddens you hapless dislocated collection of unAmerican never-has-beens. GOOD RIDDENS LOSERS. YOU FAILED to sell liberty and freedom. You failed. Go rot in the desert sun.

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Clearly Rick Santorum is a pretty gosh darn good VPOTUS candidate. When someone finds the Top of the Ticket please alert The Dana Show immediately. We'll be listening.

But we can't always agree. I think the Aqua Buddah has more action under his belt than people think. It's subtle if you're looking. The 'Clean Latino' and the whopping platitudes I'm not sold on yet. And if he gets the VPOTUS we'll find scant opportunity to know for sure. (I can say that because I have some Latin blood)

"Worms, Roxanne, I was afraid of WORMS!"

The Aqua Buddah has a certain flare to my liking tho' which makes Obamney look....well, I don't know how it makes Mittens look frankly. And for we cynics does it matter who is Obamney's VPOTUS with Captain Jamie at the rudder. I noticed Ron Paul getting cutesie with Bernanke the other day.

Reading in between the lines is an acquired taste. We don't like baby food and certainly we don't like getting force Fed. Fed? Et tu Ron Paul?

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Thank you for sharing Ms.Heaton. It helps.

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"There are several good protections against temptation, but the surest is cowardice."

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Echo others.

The pain in reading everyone and how they choose to write about Andrew is brutal. And then I stop to think what a Larry O'Conner or anyone who was that close to AB is going through...especially the wife and the children.

I never grieved so hard for a man who I never met in person. Close your eyes and listen to Bob Davi sing "My Way" and let it bring a smile to our grieving faces.

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What the Pathetic Pathological Progressive Liars just can not admit is one very simple fact; The crux of Andrew Breitbart's business model was to surround himself with people who were smarter than him.

Andrew was My Brother and Our Voice. But his legacy is with you Meyers. His legacy is with Nolte. Loesch. O'Conner. Pollak. Johnson. Kurt. Ben. Flynn.

It would take me another hour or two to list the brilliant men and women and we the warriors. There are so many of us. We will fill his boots. We HAVE to fill his boots.

These boots are made for walking. These boots are made for STOMPING. Stomping the Progressives into the incinerator is not just our obligation. It's OUR DUTY.