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To the person complaining that there is not enough room to post comments, if you want to write articles then write them and submit them for possible inclusion.

The comments feature is for just that, comments. If you find that you are running out of room then you either have too much to say or you are saying it in an inappropriate place.

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Totally agree GA. I was disappointed to see that article on the BNP site. Wikileaks published the BNP list including my real name and address and I had some problems over that. But I don't blame Wikileaks or it's founder for that. I blame the ex BNP members who gave it to them.

I saw Nick posting on twitter about this too saying much the same thing as Chris.

Are WE now to believe that telling the truth (or exposing it) is no defence? I hope not.

Plenty of other places published the lists out of pure spite. Wikileaks published because that is what it does without consideration of any implications or any political bias.

The Charges against Assange had been dropped for lack of evidence so I find it highly suspicious that they have come back after he released information embarrassing powerful people.

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Good call Carlos

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Not much gets past you anon.

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Well said Carlos. We have had a policy here of staying out of petty bickering and egotistical empire building. We will continue to provide a site for London Nationalists and our many visitors from farther afield and nobody will be dictating what is written. Nobody has ever had to tell our writers what they can and can not write because they all have the same desire to promote positive British Nationalism.

Keep up the high standards that have been set.

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Facts Mick? Like those you presented at Dagenham where you gave Butler all the credit for your campaign in Bexley in the hope of securing a top spot when he became leader? You showed great judgement there.

Of course that ignored the fact that all of us who helped you on that campaign know too well. Mike Jones was the person responsible for you almost winning that election. The rest of us canvassed and leafleted but Mike was the one out day after day, organising the canvassing, the leafleting chauffeuring you around. And now you stab him in the back.

There, how do you like those facts?

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Thanks for the comments about London Patriot. We have a good team and I am thankful that I can rely on screamingmad to look after things when I can't be around.

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No, you are wrong. Fomented is correct.

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No, that is my attitude towards people like yourself who like to criticise what others are doing and use inaccuracies to do so.

This site does not have endless GA articles and we very rarely criticise anybody for their posts so you are wrong on both counts. As for Alexa, we do what we do and if people visit they visit.

You have a simple choice visit us or don't, visit GA or don't. If you don't like other's sites then start your own.

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A slight exaggeration I think. However, feel free to direct us to your site so we can come critically appraise it..