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I challenge David Cameron and Gordon Brown and Lib Dems to explain WHY they supports the thugs of the UAF, whose sole purpose is to "Smash The BNP".

FACT: The so-called Anti-Fascists ARE the new fascists! Will they condemn the repeated violent attacks? Will they condemn their ILLEGAL demo in London? Will they condemn the claw-hammer attack on a BNP member by a UAF member?

Will they condemn the police who have stood by and done nothing as reporters sustained injury at the hands of the UAF? Will they now ask the police to deal with these criminals (illegal protesters) so that there will not be a "next time" attack, this time with bricks and bottles?

I am appalled and disgusted at the silence and lack of condemnation of these Searchlight/UAF/Stop the BNP thugs and hope that, as you take Democracy into a new Dark Age, but not without a fight from the guiding light of hope, The all hang your heads in shame.

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BNP's Nick Griffin on the Daily Politics Show, 11th May 2009 watch! — Nick Griffin handles the interviewer's aggressive stance with great skill, parrying blows but never side-stepping the questions. Nick is given the chance to show that he is a consummate politician, interviewed on the same day as the British National Party's European Elections Press Conference.

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Hi Maureen, Please look at my earlier comment regarding the BNP. I would suggest that the bottom line for most of us is the Pound in our pocket. I, for one, do not run my central heating and open my windows at the same time. With the size of our house, I'd be bankrupt after a year. I installed solar panels and have HALVED my oil consumption. The money saved by this, and by insulation etc. helps pay for all my gardening supplies, and the best local food that money can buy. Regardless of whether average temperatures are going up or down, if you have a finite resource that is going to become increasingly expensive, conservation of that resource and developing viable alternatives is a no-brainer :^)

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These policies are the reason I joined the BNP. As an organic gardener of many years standing, and a supporter of locally-produced food (we are blessed in South Shropshire!), and having seen the impact of Big Food on our town centres, the world turned upside down when I realised that the BNP was the only Party not hooked to the Food and Drug "industry". The Green Party and the Lib-Dems are PRO-unfettered Third Wold Immigration. The Labour Party are PRO-unfettered Third World immigration with the Tories not to far behind.

One issue that has not been covered but is totally relevant concerns WHERE your immigrants come from. This has been covered extensively by researchers across the world.

Immigration to the United Kingdom significantly increases world-wide CO2 emissions because it transfers population from lower-polluting parts of the world to the UK, which is a higher-polluting country. On average immigrants increase their emissions FOUR-FOLD by coming to Britain. The estimated CO2 emissions of the average immigrant (legal or illegal) in the UK are 18 percent less than those of the average native-born Brit. BUT, immigrants in the UK produce an estimated four times more CO2 in the UK as they would have in their countries of origin. Legal immigrants have a much larger impact because they have higher incomes and resulting emissions, and they are more numerous than illegal immigrants. The above figures do not include the impact of children born to immigrants in the UK. If they were included, the impact would be much higher.

In what way will it benefit the planet if millions of people journey thousands of miles to northern Europe to squeeze into an already over crowed plot of land with British agriculture, fisheries etc already on the EU back burner due to the CAP. Increasing the usage of already over stretched natural resources including water, producing millions of tonnes more waste and land fill. Building millions of homes, more roads and other infrastructure to support them. The carbon footprint of this island will increase massively. Where is the simple intelligence in this ?
Don't forget, geographically the British isles are actually on a parallel with Hudson Bay and if as predicted the by the "experts" the gulf stream is stopped we could experience months of winter temperatures of below 30 C. We can't even cope with minus 5 for a couple of days and 60 mm of snow !!
What would be the advantage of people coming to live here from Africa if they had to consume massive amounts of energy just to survive these predicted conditions. We would not even be able to feed ourselves or keep our selves warm in winter and all the other et ceteras' that would be too many to go into.
It's been perfectly obvious that is purely a political ruse to demolish Britain from the inside out.

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Duly posted on their web site:

Here is George Bush doing the same:

And Obama:

I have NEVER seen anyone doing a Nazi salute at BNP meeting. Nor at the annual Red, White and Blue festival.

The "Right-Wing" encompasses a very wide spectrum across Europe. There are, no doubt, admirers of the murderous Hitler and Mussolini. Likewise, the Left-Wingers if the Labour Party still cherish the mass murderer, Stalin, and are actively promoting his brand of Marxism!

Under Nick Griffin's leadership, today's BNP are more like Winston Churchill's Conservatives!

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This is rather appropriate for Easter, don't you think?

The Turin Shroud, The Templar Knights & The New World Order — How the Holy Shroud links directly back to Christ's tomb, and why the Truth about the Shroud, this most genuine relic,has been repeatedly suppressed or denied by the Vatican.The primary financial agent and secular control center for the Vatican is the City of London, wherein the Rothschilds make their primary bastion of banking power.

I have often wondered why the Vatican has approved thousands of relics, yet this, the most precious, and, undoubtably, genuine relic, has never received Vatican approval. Now I know...

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Please DIGG this excellent video:

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NO2EU: The real reason 4 this "Party" is to Stop the BNP


<a href="" target="_blank">

Report on No2EU on the Tribune site:

Glyn Ford, Labour MEP for South West England and a supporter of stronger workers’ rights in Europe, said the movement could help the BNP by diminishing the Labour vote: “I’m in danger of losing my seat. Bob Crow’s major achievement could be to achieve Labour members losing their seats, at best to Tories and Liberals and at worst the BNP.” ---YES!--- The campaign is funded by the RMT, the Socialist Party and the Communist Party of Britain.

<a href="" target="_blank">

1. The LibLabCon were dismissive of a BNP success at the Euros

2. The LibLabCon expected UKIP, that other False Flag, to rally to the call and mop up a good chunk of BNP votes. UKIP imploded instead.

3. LibLabCon see massive, unstoppable support for the BNP threatening their cosy little existence, so try the old "Racist/Fascist/Lampshades" accusations instead. Now they realise that this is no longer working, so as a last ditch attempt, they will try to promote this alternative party. I am guessing that the last-ditch attempt to stop us will be to send their UAF/Searchlight Fascist Thugs, probably equipped with claw-hammers, to the polling stations to try to "persuade" voters not to vote for us...

WE are the Party of the People. WE will expose LibLabCon at every possible turn. WE will work from inside Brussels, and expose the lies, the waste of the Evil Union. We WILL work with other Nationalist parties to destroy this organisation from within!

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I have thought, for a long time, that MPs should receive a flat-rate daily allowance, maybe £150.00 per day that they attend Parliament. If they choose to use that to fund a second home, then fine. ALL other expenses should be submitted in the same way as a self-employed person would, down to every last penny. If "I" cannot claim back Stamp Duty" then they shouldn't be able to. Alternatively, why don't we, the taxpayer, buy one of the London hotels within spitting distance of Westminster, and use that to house MPs during their working week. It would cost a fraction of the current system. I, too, wondered about Capital Gains liabilities.

The main problem here is that the buggers set their own rules!

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Marvellous stuff! Please DIGG this, folks, and spread the word on every message-board, every blog, between now and then. We would have loved to go but we're flying back from the US on the 3rd May.

Maybe you could ask the UAF's Leading Light, Weyman Bennett, on to the show. I'm sure he'd love to make up for his hilarious radio performance when faced with Simon Darby: