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i agree with you.. im on SSI... but i certainly dont act like im slum. No one is taught cl a s s anymore. and its showing.. i dont do free housing.. though i can... i choose not to. its actually cheaper not to. and you live in much better neighborhoods. i must say though.. at least they are TRYING... its better than nothing... im rather disappointed in those who didnt show up at these meetings.. pathetic...

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i read this and couldnt stop laughing..... it really does take a special breed of WTF to make me laugh ..

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this is the truth... there are people out there who have harmed their children.. gut them, stuffed them full of w e e d and sent them across the boarder. real story.. from a real DEA. i understand where THAT would make someone hate the issue. but if they just legalize it here, there would be no need for drug cartel to push the plant here.. we can make paper, clothes, fuel, etc. not just getting people high... it IS a waste of tax payers time and money.. it would end some serious drug issues around the border..... but no.. its the drug cartel that pays our systems... even if the cops dont know it.. some where down the huge line somewhere... someone is getting payed off.... other wise... it would be legalized, and this stupidity wouldnt be an issue. common sense is just not worth a cent anymore...

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i guess S P U N K Y will get a S P A N K Y.....

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but then people will yell discrimination... because some students cant get those kinds of grades for whatever reason....
i say to h e l l with it.. clothes dont make a person.. its the education that makes the person.
yes to uniforms and focus on whats really important.. YOUR EDUCATION!

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its in the mail.. but ill charge you another 45$ for a bounce fee that will follow through because you should of waited till the signed date i put on it...

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there isnt much in cr that is.. (gags) "upscale" to begin with..... nor will there ever be... till they bring jobs INTO the area, and get rid of the crime issue. you know.. cut off chicago.. and actually stiffen crime punishment. wow.. the logic!

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are you insane?! sometimes that is the only way i know if a train is coming! there are parts in cr that are hard to see if a train is coming or not! wth is wrong with you people?!!!!
those horns are loud for a reason! its not just you hearing people who need them! those who are deaf feel the vibrations from those horns! my god.... that city is getting dumber and dumber by the minute.

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castration is not a cure... just because he cant get it "up" doesnt mean he cant think of worse ways to abuse someone... the only cure? to eliminate the person.. eliminate the gene...

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i went through and counted over 8 stories about s e x u a l abuse ... and i didnt even finish scrolling down. when is our society going to learn? those who commit sexual crimes, CANT BE CURED?!!!!!!!!! humans are sick creatures... the quicker we get this nasty defect from our DNA, the better off we will be.