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I know looks aren't everything... but what a d0uchebag.

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Bigrod is long, LONG, L-O-N-G past the point of any recuperation. He is full of hate, absolutes, stereotypes and prejudice. You've seen our conversations - he's beyond any hope of actually winning a debate - he just wants people to know that he thinks he's right.

It's kind of sad, but he refuses to stop trolling, so he's getting an extra dose today. This is making his entire week, I'm certain. ;)

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There wasn't ONE point proven, you twit. Only in your little peanut brain, where you reside. Constantly.

The difference is simple - you can't get your nose out of other people's s**t long enough to not care about their marriages, and Grandma can. Then you go forecasting and predicting the future, when even a brief glance at some of your posts lend credence to you being one, complete idiot.

I laugh because you have no idea how unhealthy your boner for the word "normal" is. But it's far too late for you to change, so I'll just stand back and watch you crash and burn as you fail to cope with the changes in modern society. ;) Cheers!

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She, once again, was posting an opinion, which you - insecure and small, ONCE AGAIN - had to trample all over.

What's wro-ng, sweetie pie? Is someone picking on you again? You come running into my posts in stories that aren't even pot-related, blindly swinging the one pot slam you've ever had. You harp on me even when I'm not around, and here you have to jump on Grandma. And I know I've seen you slam her unprovoked as well.

What's the matter, honey? You can talk to me about it. **pats hand gently* Come on. Would blindly speculating about how gays being married will cause the world to fall into turmoil make you feel better? =(

The idea... of YOU telling someone else they're clueless... sickens me.

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"Education is the answer to everything if it is taught properly and with integrity. "

Says the person who constantly runs away from information that is presented to him. If it's something he doesn't want to hear, he'll find SOME way of claiming it as being "not taught properly" or "without integrity".

You're a textbook hypocrite, by the numbers. Go on - talk to bigrod about ho-mosexuality as it happens in nature. He'll disappear just as quickly as he demands answers.

Troll me, old man? Hah, no, I don't think so. I troll you today. Now quick! Come up with some clever pot quip so we can all have a good laugh.

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That's all you have, bigrod. You, sir, are FREE. Now...

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Whatever are you talking about, Grandma of 6? I'm sure whatever they posted was a level-headed, unbiased, smart observation that didn't generalize or stereotype any group of people.

I mean come on! This is the genius behind the "TYPING IN ALL CAPS BECAUSE I'M OLD" bit. We're talking 160 IQ, minimum. Strap in. Hold on to something. He's gonna WOW you.

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LOL, you are obsessed with me! Even when I haven't posted, a story about painkillers will prompt you to mention my name.

You have no idea how little girl / obsessive you seem, do you? I bet you even dream about me.

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Comparing a doc-umentary about marijuana to Nazi propaganda? Is that your excuse for not watching and interpreting it? I knew you couldn't. People as set in their ways as you are, with their head so far inside the box... there really isn't any hope for them. They don't want any new information.

But please, keep trying... oh, and I certainly don't hope you're including yourself in that group of "those of you who truly understand drugs". Not with gems like these falling from your dumb fingertips:

"Only pot smokers are substance abusers." - bigrod115

It's like you just keep forgetting what happens here. I can correct you on an issue, and two weeks later you're right back, spouting the same crotchety old-man BS. I imagine this little peanut brain, screaming a quiet victory simply because they got me to respond. The same peanut brain I have to keep repeating facts to over and over. The same peanut brain who is too cowardly (and unintelligent) to face me in an open forum, where I don't have to re-word each post 18 ****ing times for them to stick.

I don't get it, but I thrive on exposing ignorance, so... lol, I mean it when I say...

Keep trying.