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Process fewer adoptions? Really? So it makes more sense to keep kids in foster care? That's cheaper? Let's save money the easy way: fire this guy first.

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Good point. Let me rephrase; quit defending pedophiles.

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It's cute how many of you are so willing to defend a convicted pedophile. Wait, I mean sick. It's sick how many of you are defending a convicted pedophile due to the lack of evidence IN A WEB NEWS ARTICLE. Grow up. If you care so much about the evidence, sit in the courtroom- that's why these things are public record.

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Yes. Really. It happens all the time, whether you approve or not it just keeps happening.

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Is that really your stand on child sexual abuse? That it should only be prosecuted if there are witnesses? You may not know much about child sex abuse investigations, but they tend to be a little more extensive than just "one person's word."

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Binnie is a woman.

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What stats do you have to back up your claim? Just because you pay more attention to something doesn't mean it suddenly starts happening more.

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You really don't want a connection between a major international metropolis because there is CRIME there? Or because some of the crime committed here is by people who live there? Get a grip. A train would mean YOU could go THERE. Not just "gangsters" coming here.

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Please take this sentence out of this story or find your editor so he or she can help you express yourself without sounding like a 9th grader."And it goes without saying about the flood and the economic connections."

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So men are animals and women who accidentally wander into their territory are at risk for being a*saulted? Remind me again why it's the liberal feminists that you conservative whack jobs call "man haters"?