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Lib, I sometimes wonder if that effort didn't spread us out so we don't even recognize each other. Crazy, I'm D.B. again and didn't even notice. This is Red47.

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Someone needs to tell this writer that no respect was intended. That should have shown her with bacon in her mouth. His opinion is a symptom of mental.

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Of course we aren't winning. Her policies set this in motion.

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The Three Amigos were white guys, so I don't really get the joke. Also, Canada is not being overrun with illegal immigrants, so that isn't funny either. He needs to go back to being Ed Grimly! :)

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This will force EVERYONE "into situations that lack common sense".
This TOTALLY decimates women's sports. Totally. How is a woman supposed to compete athletically with an opponent who has male DNA?

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It is some network, that is for sure. It is a little annoying to have the distraction of the illogical "chatter" on the sites. It has been going on for a few days. They particularly pop up when someone says the word "Union".

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Didn't we end up buying the land from Mexico? That is my recollection. Mexico sold it to us because they needed the money and could not manage the area.

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A communist would welcome the takeover. I make it a point not to argue too much with Communists. Just being one makes you a little too stupid to get reality and they are too selfish to convince that they are not entitled to live off the fat of others' labor.

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It is time to end public sector unions as a good start. Thank you for a well-written article chock full of nicely compiled and analyzed facts. The process is unethical at best. If it were anyone else paying off the politicians for quid pro quo, there would be criminal charges filed.

With such evidence and such a clear explication of how the system works, we should all be able to explain this process to our neighbors and help them to get on board the eradicate the public sector union train.

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They have to criticize him because he is an embarrassment. Their critique is embarrassing also..."If he can ever become comfortable on-camera and expand his horizons, Sharpton may eventually bring to MSNBC the combination of intellect and passion" If he ever gets good, he'll be good.